Built to Spill

Boise, Idaho’s most famous band shared their epic rock jams with us in Eugene at the Wow Hall.

Doug Martsch played “The Plan,” “Carry the Zero” and a few other old songs. His solos are long and weird but sound really cool! “Strange” and “You were Right” were unfortunately not on the set list, but it was great. 


I drew them several years ago in Austin Texas.

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House of Tarab

This band plays music from old Egyptian films. They have belly dancers dance live while they perform! They are based in Seattle and their keyboard player plays a synth and makes it sound like a dozen middle eastern instruments. 


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Human ottoman rotoscope project.

I’m working on animation for a music video for Human Ottoman. I am attempting a style known as “rotoscoping.” This was used by Disney artists, in the Beatles film,  “Yellow Submarine” and Ralph Bashki in his film “American Pop.”

Here are some pictures 

Basicallly, I put a projector on a keyboard stand pointing down onto my desk.

  From there, I bring up the movie I am tracing and go frame by frame. Then I will edit the drawings in Photoshop. The layers tool allows me to stack them by assigning different layers more transparency. Then I think I will use Apple iMovie to put them together and “print” as a moving image.

I can do wild weird effects to the drawings, color them, or cut them up and move them around stop motion stlyle. I will post more here when I finish.

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Hari Kondabulu

Hari shared his political humor with us at a lecture hall at the university of Oregon. He really hates politician Bobbie jindal! Much of his material is progressive, condemning racism and challenging the establishment. He would fit right in on The Daily Show. He did appear on Totally Biased with w. Kamau Bell. Check out his album, it’s free to listen to on Spotify. He recently recorded a new album if his 2015/2016 material with Kill Rock Stars! What an inspiration. He was friendly and willing to talk about stand up after the show. Hari is great, don’t miss a chance to see him live if he travels near you! 


“You don’t need money to have fun” at No Shame Eugene.

Here I am playing banjo and singing a funny song at the atrium building in Eugene. It’s a fun theatre, anything goes performance space. I’ve made some good friends here. They post sketches, bellydance,  musicians and the rantings of angry people at their YouTube channel.

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Black Magdalene

Black Magdalene have a bass and guitar player, a drummer, and three belly dancers. They also have a sexy vocalist and decorate their mic stand with swag. Combining world music with electronics and live instrumentation they put on a special show.

They call themselves organic dark wave with middle eastern sounds. They have a bandcamp page where you can listen but of course, the fun is in seeing the band play and dance live!


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Llorona play haunting ballads: jazzy, touching, personal beautiful.   

 I’m embarrassed that I drew the violinist with such a prominent nose, so I redrew her as a full body pose.  

Here is the black and white, if you are interested.

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