Burlesque (and other) Dancers

I find dancers so inspirational! I love to watch dance of all kinds, Hip hop, tap, ballet, bellydance, and especially burlesque! Some burlesque troupes have said, “no photography please, but Isaac has permission to draw.”  I currently draw at Red Raven Follies events, Lucky’s Broadway Review, Old Nicks’s Bahomet Cabaret, and occasionally the Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene events at Cozmic Pizza but I am interested in stretching out and drawing more modern dance, and Ballet. I read that Degas drew over 4,000 drawings of ballet dancers, I have a way to go.

















 IMG_1633-0IMG_1634IMG_1631-0IMG_0198 IMG_0958 IMG_0959 IMG_1083100_2730 100_2734100_2323100_2325 100_2333 100_2332100_3584 100_3582100_3751100_3752100_3857

One thought on “Burlesque (and other) Dancers

  1. Dandy Pie says:

    I love these!! I had no idea that you had drawn me and Beast of Eden!! So honored and thrilled!! Thank You! Love Dandy Pie!!

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