Maude kearns art camp

This summer I worked with about 50 kids at four separate week long art camps at Maude kearns. Here are some of the results of our efforts. These samples are from my full day camp. We focused on drawing in the morning and painting in the afternoon. Sometimes that meant using stamps, printmaking techniques and stencils. We took many breaks in the day where we had snacks and played improv games.

These mandalas look so beautiful! I admit we did “cheat” using a photocopier.

Color wheels are simple but important

This is examples of figure drawing and still life’s (remember, these are very young children).

These are potato stamps. Some of the kids really enjoyed it.

This is a photo of the instructional board trying to give kids tips on how to draw hands: a subject that many consider the most challenging.

This piece is one of my favorites. Once the artist added a key in the bottom left, this became a beautiful map.True some of these are simplistic, but we were experimenting with watercolors and trying to paint small landscapes.Some really cool wiggly lines ended up in the background as the paint colors dried.

One student was a little obsessed with pineapples. I suggested he cut out one of his characters and glue it on to one of our colorful backgrounds.

Because the spray bottles can be messy, much of that painting was done outside in the grass. We used stencils and plastic lids, sometimes even leaves and sticks!

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