Squiggly vaudeville iv recap

We had another blast of a variety show under the mimosa tree in the lovely backyard on the wooden stage at vanilla jills. The hilarious Bert Walpack told us about the perks of his wife having a baby.Dillon Flynn told us about Jay Z’s financial advice hidden in his songs (hint, buy several million dollar paintings, some will accrue value over time).

This adorable teddy bear found an egg and wanted to eat it, but Trudy Bauchery was inside and had other ideas!

Jon Deline and Dame Peaches had a competitive ballet dance off!

Betty and the Babes (also known as Baroque Betty) played us lovely and touching chamber pop with a melancholy whimsy.

Sabrina Toro danced for us too, it’s always impressive when she balances a sword on her head!

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