Jon Deline- clown, strongman and actor from the Bay area.

Josh Rosen- Toronto based cartoonist/illustrator

Olive Delsol– Northwest based accordion songwriter and improv chanteuse.

Leigh Anne Jasheway– Improv, comedy, a comedy teacher and a booker/promoter blogger.

Trista Crass- Parenthood/fashion culture blogger. Biting humor and great photography.

Sabe Flores– My friend who plays and teaches cello, studied at Berkelee college of Music, fantastic player!

Jess Penya This alaskan illustrator explores mixed media, and presents cool images of the self and its relation to nature. She works for artists in Alaska with the Fairbanks Arts Association.

Amara Simmons– beautiful paintings and illustrations with a ghostly instensity.

Marta Chudolinska– My friend who does illustration, lithographs, prints and comics in Toronto, Canada.

Alden Ford Photography– My friend who does photography in New York- also Improv and sketch comedy. – my friend and sometimes collaborator, illustrator, comic creator, Christopher Green.

Evan Williams-A great NYC comic!

Jeffrey Lewis– A fantastic singer songwriter who also makes amazing comics!

Michael Kupperman – A man so stupidly funny it should be illegal, so we can smuggle them into North Korea, so they can make the oppressed laugh as hard as I have reading his absurdist and dada influenced comics that poke fun at publications and society. His comics are insane.

Rick Geary– Stupendous comics with real personality. A master of non fiction!

Gilbert Hernandez– A huge inspiration, one of the greatest comic artists  and storytellers of all time!

Richard Sala this guy is amazing, dark, surreal, caustic, terrifying.

Ruben Bolling Tom the Dancing Bug is hilarious and spot on political humor.

Edward Gorey One of my biggest inspirations.

Dan DeCarlo its just a wikipedia page. I spent many hours reading Archie comics as a kid.

Broken Pencil A magazine in Toronto with the best of Canada’s alternative culture, including Hal Niedzviecki, editor.

A Softer World
An amazing dark and touching web comic by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne. Its like Neitzsche but you can understand it. Its like This American Life in Haiku form (and Canadian).


Paper Scissors

I played in this band for four years in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Valdez, Denali, Talkeenta, Trapper creek, Seattle, Bellingham, Portland, Salem, Eugene, Bend, Manhattan, Brooklyn and other places 100+ shows and 3 albums.

Gregory Pepper and his Problems.

I got to open for him in Toronto! Amazing brief pop songs, full of heart and humor in the tradition of Brian Wilson, They Might Be Giants and Elliot Smith.

Human Ottoman

Mind Bending trip prog jazz from a cello- a drumest- and a vibraphone! Drool!


Dark intense orchestral rock music from Eugene, Oregon!

Mood Area 52

Danceable gypsy tango chamber pop from Eugene, Oregon.

Thought Trade- Once a trippy instrumental band with arpeggios, tapping and keys… now a very cool art rock ensemble with Thom Yorke like vocals.

Ba’Cuntry Bruthers: This is probably my favorite band. There are about 60 others who are also my favorite, but these are my BEST favorite.

Feeding Frenzy: This Alaska folk band is very good and full of attractive, very nice people. Their songs kinda break my heart, and they have been good to the Fairbanks scene, hosting shows for younger, less established bands.

Brandon Reid  This songwriter is full of heart and whiskey. He will do Crazy things sometimes, his album is like a gospel album. He is just a big teddy bear.

Yakuza Heart Attack. These guys make fascinating  music, a cross between space age pop and videogame soundtracks, but played live on synths, bass and drums. I did an interview with them.

Nous Non Plus– Fun happy go go french ye ye music! I love this band and will bop and freak out to them anytime. I do not know what they are singing but they sound so sexy when they are singing it.

And The Kids– super cute psychedelia from Massachusettes.

Secret Lover- Fun, Blondie like, dark pop from Massachusettes.

Mood Area 52- A charming band that combines Tango with Tom Waits-like ballads, and so much more…


Seth Milstein- Writes movie reviews and tells honest stories about his family.

Steve Spinola- A raucous party guy comedian who will MAKE EVERYONE HAVE A GOOD TIME with his fists in the air. The Andrew W.K. of comedy.

Max Brockman- Absurd oneliners. Random braggadocio from an unapologetic nerd.

Myq Kaplan Punny, shrewd, dangerously clever NYC based comedian.

Jaqi Furback Insightful sarcasm and touching honesty in this sassy standup from Washington.

Kat Ramzinski Bold and Brash Austin, Texas Stand up comic.

Killy Dwyer Mad comic genius performance artist. Her band “Kill The Band” brings down the house.

David Heti– A charming, dark, comic whose work reminds me, and everyone else of Woody Allen.


Northern Media Alliance

Alaska Media made by a real Alaskan. He might review your play, take pictures of your band, or train you to make your own podcasts. A super nice guy, Kyle Batley, who took a photo of me that I used on my album.

Tome to the Weather Machine.
My friend Crawford Philleo’s blog of music interviews and cd reviews.

Alex Gagne Hawes
My friend Alex reports on the culture and art scene in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Upright Citizens Brigade  They dont need my help, but good golly they have helped comedy. This is where I get to see magic cards early… hee hee.

Wizards of the Coast This company makes the most creative and beautiful games.

Splitsider has great news about comedy, comedy podcasts and a cool feature called “today’s best tweets by comedians.” I go here periodically to laugh and learn.

The Comic Shop. I shop here too much.

Sifl and Olly This show was an inspiration.

MST3K As was this one.

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