Poetry and Wonder at the Oregon Country Fair



I got to perform stand up comedy and poetry alongside these slam poets and MCs at the Oregon Country Fair Chez Rey’s stage. It was a wonderful event tucked away in the trees. It was so special having ASL interpreters there! 



Here is a video of Me doing the animal jokes. (It does cut off right before the final punchline)

Grayson and Susan!

Eleven Eyes.I also took these photographs of people having fun, in costume, being themselves out there in the woods, with clowning, juggling, music and great food all around.


The Green shape on the right is a person in costume.DSCF1404.JPG


These costumed performers were on stilts. Here she is down on the ground so you can see her makeup.DSCF1571.JPGDSCF1619.JPG

A giant chess set!DSCF1492.jpgDSCF1489.JPGDSCF1481.JPG

A GIANT backgammon set!DSCF1480.JPGDSCF1477.JPG

A marionette perfomance. DSCF1474.JPG

I saw three pianos on the grounds that people were playing (and resting under).DSCF1467.JPG

This installation is known as the Pink RoomDSCF1466.JPGDSCF1465.JPGDSCF1459.JPG

Incredible, the THE REAL Donald TRUMP with huge hands came to visit us.DSCF1568.JPG

Strongman Jon Deline!DSCF1567.JPG

Cullen and Mia Vance DSCF1469.JPG


March Fourth Marching Band!DSCF1432.JPG


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Yogoman burning band

Yogoman is from Bellingham Washington and I love them! Sweet ska and soul, with a violin! New Orleans style riddims! My favorite song is “Chakka chakka.” It’s so catchy and poppy!



Watch them play “Pass the O.” Songs like “Please oh please” sound thirty or forty years old, authentic reggae. Total booty shaking music. I caught them at the Oregon Country Fair and what a sweet smooth sound they have.

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Rundown Kreeps

This young punk band played Old Nicks and kicked some ass. They played some tv themes and shed some ska rythyms in a few songs. Their bandcamp posts songs free. Check them out if you like nofx, mellincolin, less than Jake, etc.

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Pancho and the Factory, Laura Palmer’s Death Parade

PAncho and the Factory are a fun, Eugene based, party band at hifi lounge! They have a real B-52s meets Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe, with makeup and decorations and sexy songs! Check them out here

Highly recommended!

Their opener was doom country Velvet Underground-esque Laura Palmer’s Death Parade. There are many bands in Austin, Texas that sound like this, including Cold Dead Space, and Ringo Death Star.

I spelled her name wrong. Oops! Always look at the flyer! I also performed comedy reading my comics, and we had burlesque and circus performances by Josephine DeLove, Invincible Vince, and Jon Deline. Thanks Hi-Fi Lounge for a fantastic show, let’s do it again sometime!

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Street Art in Rio De Janeiro

The streets of Rio are filled with colorful art. Some recall comics style, others show an influence of Japanese Anime. There is so much Variety and character to these, much more than just graffiti, but murals, tributes, and city beautification.

Even candy is presented in an artistic way. These look like mosaics!

These colorful paintings decorate the beach at Ipanema.

These were decorating the walls in Leblon.


These hip skater pictures of Frida Kahlo were on the street in Porto Seguro. I noticed that Frida is a bit of a folk hero here.

Images we might consider “racist caricatures” were popular in tourist shops here.

These images decorate hotels and airports. You can see a romanticization of Native Brazilians and African people.

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Abalone Grey

This Santa Cruz bluegrass folk band passed through Cottage Grove and played us some tunes. Joe Kaplow’s solo music is great too, but this was a full band, with washboard, harmonica, bass guitar and banjo.

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Portraits of Brazilians

In my travels I made a few drawings of locals and gave them away.

This was a waitress at a restaurant in Natal.

These were guests at a wedding.

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