Tennis and Wild Ones

Tennis is from Denver, Colorado. Alaina Moore sounds wise beyond her years and Patrick Riley always has his hair over his eyes. This band seems to be having a blast on stage. My favorite song is “100 lovers” which has a plodding baseline that reminds me of Beck. “Mean streets” is another highlight. Check out “Timothy” and “Bad Girls” if you like… I don’t know, good music! There are echoes of Blondie, the Cardigans, Madonna, The Beach Boys, Summer Twins, Belaire, Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley, etc…

Wild Ones from Portland play a darker version of pop, sometimes approaching Phantogram and electronica. They were also very good.

The space lady at moon rock records

The space lady used to busk on the street in San Fransisco or in subways. Now she’s playing to large crowds who love her weird unusual take on classic rock covers and her sweet original lyrics and stage persona. She plays Casio keyboards into a heavy phaser effect and uses the tinny drum machines that came with those old casios… then she sings, sometimes changing the melody of the original song wildly and manipulating a delay effect on her voice while she plays keys. It’s a unique show for sure! She also picked up the guitar for a few songs and led the crowd in singalongs, encouraging us to love each other and realize our best selves! Check her out at her Facebook page.

And her Wikipedia page is here.

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Animal silhouettes

To do this art project you’ll need a projector and spray bottles. The image of an animal is protected on to a page and traced. Then the artist sprays black paint and drips wet thick paint on the page, blocking some ink with stencils and objects. They can draw with markers or white colored pencil first if they want. The silhouette is then cut out and glued onto a new piece of paper for a stunning effect. Some students chose to color their backgrounds, others did not. Drawing in an eye or using a bit of tape where the eye would be as a mask can have a stunning effect!

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Hannah Paysinger at muse art

Hannah played us delightful piano ballads, some covers of Elton John, Joni Mitchell, and even Radiohead and Feist. Her original, “I saw a ghost on the Oregon coast” is so touching.

Muse art is every Monday at Whirled Pies in Eugene. One or more musicians play for 2 hours so artists can draw or paint them. This is a great, low pressure, all ages arts event that is donation based. They bring art supplies and even some play doh for younger kids to pass the time.

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Squiggly Vaudeville IV recap

July 21 we had a fourth edition of squiggly vaudeville with clowns, comedians, dancers, singers, a cellist and a baton twirler! Vanilla Jills is a perfect home for us, being all ages, outdoors, and having great food and beverages (including ice cream cocktails, or alcohol infused milkshakes). It may even be worth a drive)

I debuted a new clown act where I'm a square accountant who just wants to learn how to play bongos! ( but I'm a little scared of my bongos)

Mike Sevigny informed us which Pokemon moves he can and can't do.
The controversial and sarcastic emily doerr.Kailey mckay did baton twirling for us! (She said I could pick her music so I chose Perez Prado and Ursula 1000)

Owzzla had an enthusiastic volunteer!

It was very classy to have a classically trained cellist playing for us. I don't have photos of bijou Nix or ms muffit, but they both did two numbers. We had a blast, please join us next time, August 18. We will be joined by Jon deline, Trudy Bauchery, dame peaches Von killingsworth, and more!

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I HONK! Fest Environmental Encroachment 

This band is totally fun and dresses in wacky costumes. They played for us on the grass in skinner’s butte park. Check them out here. I enjoyed their originals about elephants and bunnies and their cover of Radiohead’s “national anthem.” I feel I really got loose for these drawings and drew them in a Jules Fieffer and or William Blake kind of style. Shaded with copics.

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Texture explorations with black ink

Though it’s often good to plan a drawing out with pencil before the process of inking, this assignment just has you ink right away. Make a grid on yor paper 5×6 is a fine way to do it. Fill in each square with a unique texture. If you are familiar with zentangles, it’s similar to that.

When each square has a unique texture they might look something like this: 

Then we put food coloring and water in spray bottles. We cut out stenciled and put them on photocopies of our original art and sprayed color on them.

Wowwwwwww so pretty!