Wayward Ghost

Wayward Ghost plays touching indie pop. I saw them open for Alok Vaid-Menon at the U of O Women’s Center. They are based in Portland, Oregon. Check them out on Spotify.

Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson writes touching songs celebrating her lifestyle and her friends.

Some songs are so heartbreaking and others you can’t help but laugh out loud. She’s a warm and giving performer, even if she does forget her lyrics sometimes or her thumb is giving her a hard time.

I drew Kimya a few times before. Here are two I drew when she played an outdoor show in Fairbanks in the rain.

Here’s one I drew of her performing in Austin with Jeffrey Lewis.

The Deer

This fantastic band played at Oregon country fair. They are on tour from Austin Texas playing Portishead’s “dummy.”

Dungeons and Dragons characters

While some friends played a campaign, I made drawings. I asked them what color and kind of cloak or armor they wanted. I based the poses on some drawings I found in Dungeons and Dragons books and character images I found on the internet. The background is from my spray art style I’ve been playing with and using with my students lately.

Tennis and Wild Ones

Tennis is from Denver, Colorado. Alaina Moore sounds wise beyond her years and Patrick Riley always has his hair over his eyes. This band seems to be having a blast on stage. My favorite song is “100 lovers” which has a plodding baseline that reminds me of Beck. “Mean streets” is another highlight. Check out “Timothy” and “Bad Girls” if you like… I don’t know, good music! There are echoes of Blondie, the Cardigans, Madonna, The Beach Boys, Summer Twins, Belaire, Jenny Lewis, Rilo Kiley, etc…

Wild Ones from Portland play a darker version of pop, sometimes approaching Phantogram and electronica. They were also very good.

The space lady at moon rock records

The space lady used to busk on the street in San Fransisco or in subways. Now she’s playing to large crowds who love her weird unusual take on classic rock covers and her sweet original lyrics and stage persona. She plays Casio keyboards into a heavy phaser effect and uses the tinny drum machines that came with those old casios… then she sings, sometimes changing the melody of the original song wildly and manipulating a delay effect on her voice while she plays keys. It’s a unique show for sure! She also picked up the guitar for a few songs and led the crowd in singalongs, encouraging us to love each other and realize our best selves! Check her out at her Facebook page.

And her Wikipedia page is here.

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