Sammus and The Doubleclicks

Sammus is a fierce rapper from Ithaca, NY. She spouts rhymes fast and hurls jokes and comparisons, nerdy metaphors and righteous lyrics in a furious spitfiire flow.

She made an EP tribute to Samus Aran, (from Nintendo’s Metroid games bruh) and put on a prop gun arm to deliver her songs “Cybernetic Armor” and “Brinstar.”

She told me she has a helmet, but it’s fragile, hard to travel with and hard to rap in. With the help of some costumed assistants and a smoke machine, her show could be more like Gwar or The Aquabats. It was pretty awesome to have her and a laptop in an intimate all ages venue. I loved her song in which she said, “I’m not one thing, I’m not two things, I’m not three things, I’m not four things, I am more things than your reporting!” It was about how she was called an Oreo because she liked video games, cartoons and was articulate as a child! F your stereotypes and assumptions, we are not homogenous! Yeah! Listening to Sammus can get you pumped to smash the patriarchy and I hope that comes off as sincere and not patronizing. Thank you Sammus, I WILL LISTEN TO ALL YOUR TRACKS!

A former video game programmer and elementary teacher, she now goes to grad school, programs beats and rocks a mic. Her real name is Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo and her website is here.

The Doubleclicks had some charming banter and interacted with the young girls who came to the show. One of whom said, “that’s a terrible lullaby” after they played “Sing a little lullaby for Mr. Bear.”

Another asked, “why are we clapping?” It became a running gag as Angela questioned her goals and choice of dedicating her life to music between nearly every song.  “why are we clapping, indeed?” It really showed their flexibility and comfort on stage. They are willing to make fun of themselves and meet the mood of the room. They also claimed the most popular member of the band is their cat keyboard and played a rendition of the Dr. Who theme in digital meows. Doubleclicks, maybe you could learn the animated x-men theme next, can you imagine how cool that would be?  Meow meow meow meow mewo meow meow, MEOW MEOW! The sci fi and fantasy pop culture references were nearly absent at this show, instead they opted for more personal and inspirational material. “You’re an immovable force, and I’m an unstoppable object.” Is a metaphor song about math word problems and believing in yourself and following your dreams. “Velociraptor” is about how the real life velociraptor wasn’t as large and strong as the one depicted in Spellberg’s Jurrassic park, (they should have made the villains deinonychus) and girls who watch media can’t hope to be as beautiful as the photoshopped models they see on tv. Wow, what a group of intellectuals. 

After a sting of their popular, crowd pleasing songs, “This is my Jam,” “Hanging with Cats at Parties,” and “I love you like a burrito” they played a Jimmy Eat World cover and their inspirational anthem ” unstoppable force.” their video is here and has over 9,700 views!

I’ve seen many bands with cellos and I really like what Aubrey does in the songs. the songs are Pop songs, and the cello serves the song every time. It isn’t showing off, and it isn’t trying to sound like a guitar or a bass. “Why are we clapping.” To me it means, why are we comgratulating adults who write clever lyrics and set them to catchy music when they could have a REAL JOB?” And the answer is too often, ” we applaud them for being braver than us, for we do not have the confidence or skills to do what they are doing.” There was no need to explain to that little girl, we’ll knew it.

  I might ask myself, “why do you self publish on the Internet while you lack the artistic skills to properly draw a human arm?”

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Trek theatre Pon Farr

Local Trekkies put on an original series episode “Amok Time” with original songs by Dr. Jason Heald. These are drawings I made of the cast and crew.



They let me open the show, performing my Star Trek rap and playing the theremin for the audience. They also had local bell dancer sarina Dorie as an Orion slave girl!

And here are some photos of the production. It really was a great show!

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Royal Famille duCaniveaux

This drawing has been in my notebook awhile. I found a video of their performance from 2016 in YouTube! This troupe has many more performers that I didn’t draw, and I’m not sure about their costumes and hair color, and the page has some splotches on it because my markers were water based and I had it in the rain! It was a good show, full of laughs.

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Slime Girls

Slime Girls play hyper hyphy happy chiptune pop with some ska and some saccharine lullabye melodies. Pedro composes the music and says on his bandcamp, “listen while you are at a cute beach.”

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Comedians at Bumbershoot

morgan kate.jpg

Of all the comics I saw at bumbershoot, Kate berlant was my favorite. Her show was so utterly confusion and unique. She would threaten us that if we weren’t up for staying for the whole three hours we should just get up and leave right now! I also loved that she steals makeup as a radical feminist act.

Khadija Hassan was quite funny too! There were so many women and people of color at the shows, I really appreciated that.

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Sadiqua Iman

Sadiqua is a sex therapist, bulesque dancer performance artist I saw at Bumbershoot! Her show was compelling, about arousal and gender fluidity, with the occasional audience interaction. It was amazing hearing her sing the children’s songs she learned on the playground growing up in Seattle. They were highly sexualized. At the beginning of her show she was wearing a goatee, and by the end she had shed her clothes. She is on twitter!

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Era Coda, Saffron, Ghost Tour, Jor-Dan

I was invited to a private party where bands played inside a living room. These bands are so delightful. Era Coda plays accessible mathy rock. Its delightful.image1-1

Jor-Dan plays electro rock. It’s huge and loud and sounds shimmering!

Saffron plays heavy grungy rock. It’s catchy, but has a sharp edge.



Ghost Tour plays pop with keyboards and sometimes horns. some songs are sung by Olive and some are sung by Andy.

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