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Isaac Paris, a veteran of  large music festivals and tiny dingy bars has written for burlesque shows and performed in both the fiercely competitive New York city comedy scene and the welcoming world of public libraries and schools.He showcased in Toronto at North by North East in 2013, and was a finalist at “Quackin Me Up” in Eugene, OR in 2014. He was voted fourth funniest person in Eugene in the 2017 Ladd Off. Kind, mature ladies in pink hats tell him he should be on Carson. He doesn’t have the heart to tell them that’s impossible without a time machine. He can do a “clean” show for that all ages can enjoy, piling  on the absurdity with puns and odd observations, and clever jokes about science, or a more adult show commenting on societal taboos and hypocrisies. One kind fan said, “he’s like Bill Hicks, but gentler, so everyone could enjoy it.”

Using a large flip book to accentuate, show off his mad drawing skills, and remember his next line, the performance is an old-school multimedia presentation: a retro vaudeville act flipped on its head.

Performing the “Anthropic Principle Lullabye” at Clucking Blossom.

The Empress Theatre: performing “Batman’s Personal Assistant”

Clubs/Theatres/Coffeeshops where he has Headlined

Lucky’s Club, Eugene, OR.

The Wandering Goat, Eugene, OREGON.

InterZone, Corvallis, Oregon.

Quackin Me Up, The Cooler, Eugene, OR.

The Horned Hand, Bend, OR.

Empress Theatre, (Regifting Frankensence: two-man show with Michael Schaeffer) Fairbanks, AK

The Jalopy, Brooklyn, NY.

Down East Salloon, Homer, AK.

Trapper Creek Bluegrass, Trapper Creek Music And Arts Festival, Trapper Creek, AK.

S Lounge, Anchorage, AK.

Shows/Theatres where he has  Showcased

Chez Rey’s Spoken Word Stage, Oregon Country Fair, veneta, or

MorningWood Auditorium, Oregon Coutnry fair, veneta, or

New Zone Gallery, Eugene OR.

Wandering Goat, Eugene, OR

NXNE, The Comedy Bar, Toronto, ON.

NXNE, Vapor Central, Toronto, ON.

NXNE, “Sex and Death” hosted by Broken Pencil, Creatures Creating, Toronto, ON.

Killy Dwyer’s Alter-Ego. Piano’s, NYC. Fontana’s, NYC.

Neon Dragon, Production Lounge, Brooklyn, NY.

Macha Monkey, The JewelBox, Seattle, WA.

The Blue Loon, Ester, AK.

The Marlin, Fairbanks, AK.

Tuesday Night Variety, Lucky’s, Eugene, Or.

Three Legged Variety Show, Cowloons, Eugene, OR.

Trudy Bauchery’s Burlesque Variety Show, Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene, OR.

Leigh Anne Josheway’s Bleepin’ Funny, Sam Bonds Garage, Eugene, OR.

Oregon’s Last Comedian Standing, Kowloon, Eugene, OR.

Tiny Tavern, Eugene, OR.

Quackin Me Up, Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR.

Pantsless Comedy Hour, Cornucopia, Eugene, OR.

Quackin Me Up, The Cooler, Eugene, OR.

Bar of the Gods, Portland, OR.

You’re still interested? Well, here is more information! He has been a writer, MC or opening act for several Burlesque shows, including “Naked Stage: Tease the Season,” “Lonely Hearts Burlesque” and “Fluer de Mal.” He has been a consultant for comedy productions. His original songs have been performed by Rebecca File, Laila O’ Sullivan, Carey Seward, Liberty Cabbage, Electric Tape and Paper Scissors. He was been a member of Fairbanks’ “Ground Squirrel Improv” from 2004 to 2011. He studied Theatre at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and Improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. He has appeared on MTV on a special about CMJ and on The Travel Channel’s “The Dead Files.”

Of course, at all ages shows there is no cursing or blue material.

Both these videos have blue material.


Stand up comedy and a tribute to Pussy Riot at the UAF PUB.

“I want to dress like William H Macy, (without illustrations)”

“Every  Time I Get Laid I Break My Glasses.” with special guest- Artemica (thanks Portia)

At the Fairbanks Funny Festival in 2012.

With special guest Amy at a burlesque show at the Blue Loon.

If you are interested in booking, write strangecharm99 AT GEE mail dot com. Isaac currently has no representation or booking agent.

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