Isaac is available to draw at your party or event. Wrap Party? Corporate Retreat? Wedding reception? County Fair? Family Reunion? Wouldn’t it be fun to have drawings of everyone? Isaac can draw colorful fun sketches of people and can produce 15 to 25 an hour. That would be a way to make your event memorable! People love flattering drawings, just look at these smiling faces as evidence, every one of them is a glowing, thousand word equivalent testimonial: this is always a hit at parties for children and adults. He is often willing to draw your band (or improv troupe, or production cast) in exchange for a ticket into the show. Many of his drawings you will see as facebook profiles, album art, in programs or in scrapbooks.


“Oh would you draw me next?”


“wow, you really captured him!”


“could you draw me as a crazy pirate?”

“These are fantastic! How did you learn to draw?”



“You drew my sister and my dad and my mom, now I want one too!”


“We still have the drawing you made of us four years ago.”


“It really looks like me! Thank you!”


“How long have you been drawing?”

“You should have a booth at the fair.”





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Bobby from Pretty birds that kill

Bobby from Pretty birds that kill

Avery Wolves (fairbanks, AK)

Avery Wolves (fairbanks, AK)

Steph from Pretty Birds that Kill

Steph from Pretty Birds that Kill

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