Live Performances/ Tour

Upcoming shows

Oct 14 Belly laughs  7:30 PMMajestic Lab, Tickets: $12

Enjoy an evening with two pregnant comedians and their friends as they deliver the laughs paying homage to the miracle (or terrifying gauntlet) that is childbirth, child rearing, and generally being related to other people.

Performers include:
Emma Jonas (Salem)
Isaac Paris (Eugene)
Sarah Hagen (Eugene)
Naomi Fitter (Corvallis)
Bert Walpack (Eugene)
Lacie Wood (Salem)
Michael Winder (Albany)

Oct 15 Hippie Museum   7 pm 15$ 535 Main StSpringfield Smash up Saturdays 

Oct 28 Spectrum“Edward Gorey Tribute show” with dancers, readers and classical musicians.

Past shows:

Sept 15, John henrys 9 pm Acoustic showcase with Shane Connor,  Blazer Smith, Brandon Cagle.

Sept 10 EAst Blair Housing co-op 40 year anniversary party with Mood Area 52 and Flamenco Dancers

June 8 and 10 OCF chez Ray’s Stage between 12 and 1:30 with Jorah LaFleur and Sage Liskey

May 7 2022

Sam Bonds Garage (Eugene, Oregon) with Jenny Parrott, Shane Connor, Penny Glass, Dubelevay, and Amiia Nectar $5 8 pm.


April 8, 2022 SLICE, with Temple the Bard and Annah Anti-Palindrome.

Oct 8 2021, 7:30 BEAM Debuting “climate change the musical” an experimental animation short film.

oct 8 2020 Thinking tree distillery on 1st in Eugene, Oregon with Helen Being, Emily Jenson and more. spoken word storytelling comedy,

Oct 16, 2020 Beam downtown Eugene 8 pm. Debuting an animation with my friend Dame Peaches Von Killingsworth. Not just a dance show, but film and art too.

November 1 Edward Gorey ball, virtual edition. Online.

June 12 7:30 Friday Night Funny, (you can watch anytime with this link)

with Naomi Fitter, Angelo Di Nallo, Leigh Ane Jasheway, Max Kerwien, Dalia Malek and Casey Navarro

Feb 1:  9 pm Luckys with Featuring the hilarious Mike Mc Gowan Naomi Fitter Bert Walpack Chaz Logan Hyde Jamie Colson and Mollie Peterson.

Slide show: a comedy show with slides

Feb 21: Sketchy the Clown’s Vaudeville show with Jenna Vesper, Chris Ettrick, Artemis Sharpe, Bebe Boudoir, Jon Deline and Lesley Gorey. “our fucked up childhoods”

March 29 Eugene laff off: actors cabaret of Eugene,  6 pm $25 with Rudy Tyburczy and many more. CANCELED due to COVID

April 17: MC for BLACK MASS at Spectrum as Hollow Ed. CANCELLED

Nov 12 opening for Jeffrey Lewis and Tom Heinl at Wandering Goat. 7 pm

October 18, 2020: the Edward Gorey ball, Spectrum Eugene. with  Nancine McDonald cello, (Baroque Betty)
Nisha Caulkins cello (Kef)
Miss Buttons (dance)
Keisha Rose (contortion/sideshow)
Sacha Travesty, dancing (Bend Burlesque, Cult of Tuck)
Merissa de Marmar, dancing (Bend Burlesque, Cult of Tuck)
Bijou Izmagnus Dance (Broadway review)
Delta Nova Dance (Unveiled, Eugene’s Queer Burlesque)
Artemis Sharpe juggling (Drag out Loud, belladonna’s creepshow, etc)

Live readings by Tamathy (No shame Eugene, The Sloth, Trek Theatre), Jonathan Miller (trek theatre) , Morgan Yarborough, Malenia Bitchcock and more!

July 5, the Drake, Eugene Oregon. whimsical comedy at 8 pm at the Drake with Cody Webb, Emma Jonas, Eric Moore and Rachelle Cochran. Free but donations are encouraged.

July 14 Oregon country fair, Veneta. Morningwood Odditorium 5 pm with several other comedians including Melody Gore Dodd and Bert Walpack.

August 3, Sketchy the clowns vaudeville showcase With the guy with the balls, izmagnus, Baroque Betty, and more

Eugene, Vanilla Jills 1 to 2:30 pm

August 23, Sketchy the clowns vaudeville show, Spectrum Eugene, Oregon 8pm. With ???

October 18, spectrum eugene Oregon Sketchy the Clown presents the Edward Gorey ball. 8 pm

June 19

Captain Picard day

It’s that time of year! Our annual Captain Picard Day Celebration and Fundraiser! This year we have some real treats: A Sci Fi Fashion show (please PM us if you are interested in wearing a costume in this runway style fashion show!), live music, stand up comedy, dancing, cake, and of course, the EPIC RAFFLE! $5-$10 donation accepted at the door. Come celebrate with us and raise money for our summer show: Qpid. See you there!

Comedians confirmed: Sarah Hagen, Mike McGowan, Naomi Fitter and her robot Jon, Isaac Paris.

Eugene, luckys club $5 to 10 donation 8 pm

June 26

Darsea Finley and Isaac Paris (music show)

Eugene, Sam Bonds Brewing, 5$ 8 pm

March 24 SQUINT talks: scholars queer unusual and interesting, nicely talking. With Dana price, Celeste eve, Roxy Allen, Kim Marks and Jam Jessie Allison. Spectrum 7 pm free

March 31, 2019

The Un-Show with comedians and dancers from the Eugene scene. Spectrum 9 pm

May 31, 2019

Sketchy the clowns roll the dice vaudeville. Special guests include: Mollie Peterson, Vicki de Novo, the Quizzical Izmagnus and contact juggler “the man with the balls.” We are also to be joined by musical guest “Osprey Flies The Nest!” Spectrum 8 pm

Feb 16- Spectrum Eugene, free show, donations encouraged. 8 pm

With Bitz n Bitz, Sara Bess, Emma Frost and Pretty Bitch Jodye, playboy smooth( leash kid), followed by Proper sound playing dance music til close.

Feb 23: Sketchy the Clowns variety show: Roll the dice!

with Calamity, invincible Vince, souzana Kat wondergloom from Ashland, Nigel Burch, Sarah hagan!

November 2 comedy at lava kava in Eugene. 5$ recommended with Bert Walpack and other funny folk.

November 11 Trek theater at Eugene Oregon fairgrounds Eucon 3 pm

December 8 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio play with trek theater and special guests Dublevay!

Eugene, cowfish, 8 pm.

October 13 6 pm experimental music show at Inner Zone in Corvallis with dark lightly, mr kakashka, Brian Smith and collected trash.

May 12, 2018 What the funny at Sam Bonds Garage in Eugene, Oregon

June 16 Captain Picard day at Luckey’s in Eugene, Oregon opening for Portland’s Klingon band Stovokor. Appearing as “downtown dog ban band.”

July 13/14 Oregon country fair with Nigel 80hd and Jorah Lefleur in Veneta Oregon.

February 17 comedy showcase at national taphouse with James Wood, Lacie Wallace Tyler Jones, Mike McGowan, Bert Walpack and more! 5$ suggested. 9 pm?

March 4: circus Orpheus with invincible Vince, dark lightly, jugglers clowns magic dance and more! 8 pm 5$ at old nicks pub Eugene.

March 9 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio play with trek theater and special guests Dublevay! Eugene, cowfish, 8 pm. Donations accepted.

March 16 Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio play with trek theater and special guests Nicole and more! Eugene, cowfish, 8 pm. Donations accepted.

March 24 hitchhikers guide to the galaxy radio play with trek theater and special guests Dark Lightly. Eugene, all ages show at tsunami books, 7 pm. Donations accepted.

March 25 hitchhikers guide to the galaxy radio play with trek theater and special guests! Eugene, all ages show at tsunami books, 3 pm. Donations accepted.

October 26 5$ Portland Or. Jade lounge with Killy Dwyer and Patch and Pearl 9pm

October 31 playing theremin and doing demos for kids at the haunted house in the atrium building downtown Eugene 6pm.

September 8,9, 10, 16, 17 trek theater presents forbidden planet, free Amazon park

September 15 squiggly vaudeville at vanilla jills, Eugene Oregon with gabby Jesus, Chryss Allaback, James wood, invincible Vince, max Brockman, penny glass.

September 29: slightly coffee roasters comedy show with James wood, penny glass, lacie Wallace, max Brockman , Mike mcgowan and gabby Jesus. 8 pm

August 8

Opening for Addict Ted and Sofia Monet, at interzone, Corvallis, Or. 5$

August 18 Vanilla Jill’s Eugene, Or. Sketchy da Clown’s Squiggly Vaudeville with Jon Deline, Trudy Bauchery , Dillon Flynn, Betty and the babes and Bert Walpack, All ages, beer, ice cream, vaudeville.

August 26 Jade Lounge Portland Oregon burlesque show 5$ with dangerous curves, big pink, Svetlana Trantastic, Lou velvet, Lexi de lush, and more!

September 1 Portland, or, Mississippi pizza with Human Ottoman and Bogg.

July 7, 8 performing with jorah leflur and Eugene poetry slammers at chez Rey’s stage at ocf, veneta, or. 12 noon

July 21 Vanilla Jill’s Eugene, Or. 7:15, 5$ suggested Sketchy da clown’s Squiggly Vaudeville with dancing by Bijou Nix and Ms. Muffit, Baton twirling by Reign, comedy from Emily Doerr, Michael Sevigny, James Wood. All ages, beer, ice cream, vaudeville.

July 22, Sam bonds garage. “Lucy in the sky with tassels” the all Beatles tribute burlesque show. (I’m not dancing or performing, just making props and volunteering).

June 23 Vanilla Jill’s Eugene, Or. Sketchy Da Clown’s Squiggly Vaudeville with Bellydancing by Nicole, ukulele music from Francis Pastorelle, dance from Apple Adae, Bellydance from Nicole, comedy! All ages, beer, ice cream, vaudeville.

June 19 Bend, OR. North Side Bar and Grill with Tylor Jones, Cody Parr, Janelle Musson and Jake Woodmansee. Free 9 pm

june 16 Luckys Club Eugene OR. Captain Picard day. Isaac Paris with Shane Conner, In-Halen: A Van Halen cover band, Passenger Side, and a yet to be named Ween Tribute band.

June 4, Eugene or. wow hall art opening free 5 pm.

Saturday June 10th, Eugene, Or. 4pm Whirled Pies. With Leigh Anne Jasheway, Alden, Josh Caraco, Larry Hudspeth, Roger Woods and Euphonics.

May 18 Jade Lounge in Portland, OR with Friend Zone, Raymond Anderson, Joseph Apice, and Patch and Pearl! Free 7 pm

May 27 Vanilla Jill’s Eugene, Or. Sketchy da Clown’s Squiggly Vaudeville with Dahlia Murder, Owzzla the OK, Eden Powell, Revka, Invincible Vince and Tawdry Hepburn. All ages, beer, ice cream, vaudeville.

May 13 Sam Bonds Garage in Eugene Oregon What the Funny 5 pm free

April 28. Eugene, OR. Tsunami books. 5:30 Variety show Fundraiser for network charter school and tsunami books: Performances by Owzzla the Okay (clown), Invincible Vince (magic), Gabby Jesus (comedy), Jon Deline (clown), Ari and her Banjo (music), Souzana (dance), Dahlia M. (Dance), Isabel, John Roy , Half Baked Alaska and poetry readings By network charter school Students Hosted by sketchy the clown (Isaac paris)

April 9 whirled pies battle of the bands 7 pm 3-5$ suggested donation with Makara Hart, pack of majors, and Robert Meade.

This is a special music show and Shane Conner will play guitar and saxophone with me.
March 26, 26 April 1 Trek theater at upstart crow theater. Eugene or. 5$ suggested donation. For this show I am opening playing some instrumental music and then playing keyboard throughout the show.
April 2 laugh off at actors cabaret theater with Leigh Anne jasheway and 25 others, Seth milstein, mike sevigny, silver mogart, revka, eden Powell, cienna jade, Bert Walpack, 6 pm 20$

January 13 with host Jorah LaFleur: Rascal Cabaret, 8 pm 5$ Cowfish on Broadway in Eugene, OR. with Nisha Calkins, Seraphina, Roger Woods, Karess Ann Slaughter, Dahlia Murder, and more

January 14 Unveiled, Eugene’s Queer Burlesque, with Bayou Bettie, Tawdry Hepburn, Pippin, Miss Muffit and more 5$ Eugene Orgon, 8 pm at the Wayward Lamb

Jan 21  Eugene’s Best Medicine comedy show at 9pm, 5 to 10$ sliding scale at The green room hosted by Cienna Jade, with Gabby Jesus, Jane Malone and More.

 Looking for an MC at shows in Eugene, Corvalis, Portland, Salem, Bend, Redmond, Ashland, Cottage Grove? Contact me if you want me at your event, and I’ll try to keep you in the loop about my adventures. I do 15 to 20 minute comedy sets, 1 hour long music and comedy sets and workshops and educational lectures about Kamishibai, vaudeville, dada, and performance comics. I instruct children in creative workshops at Mecca and Maude Kearns art center. I also draw portraits for parties and fairs.

December 3, Eugene Oregon inappropriate talent show with Rachel clement, Ausla the Ok, Mike Mazza and many more!

November 12 old nicks variety show 9 pm 3$ with Vincent invincible  (magician) gabby Jesus  (comedy) johan Devine (strongman), Colin davey (contortionist juggler)

November 13 with trek theatre at Eugene comic con, Eugene fairgrounds 2 pm.

November 23 with Jeffrey Lewis. At wandering goat coffee eugene, or 5$ 9 pm
August 11 Fairbanks Slam Poets vs Comedians with Love Rhino, Jody Hassel, Raif Kennedy, Erik Hernadez and Sam Allen. (Tanana Valley Fair, Usibelli stage, 5 pm August 11) (Fairbanks, AK)

August 8 Usibelli Pavilion 3pm playing Banjo at the Tanana Valley Fair (Fairbanks, AK)

August 20 Trapper Creek Music and Arts Fest, Trapper Creek, Alaska

August 27 Bleepin Funny in Eugene, Or. Sam bonds Garage with Mike McGowan, Zach Fish, Cress Bates, Jennifer Lanier, Leigh Anne Josheway, and Out of Our Minds Improv

Sept 2 No Shame Eugene, Eugene Or,

Sept  8  Intermission for Trek Theatre, Performing star trek rap and more with a production of “the Drumhead” and “Pon Farr: A green Blooded Musical” Amazon Community Center, Eugene, OR.

September 16 Hifi Lounge, Eugene, OR. Opening for Era Coda and the sketchy Vaudeville show.

July 8,9 10 Chez Ray’s stage, noon Slam at the Fair Oregon country fair, Veneta, Oregon, with Mosley Wata, Roxy Jane Allen, Jorah LeFleur, Maxine, Marv Ellis,  Gaknew,  Ari, Isabel, Cinqala, and Nigel ADHD.

June 30 sketchy circus opens for Pancho and the factory, Laura palmer’s death parade. With invincible Vince, sketchy the clown, Josephine DeLove, and Jon Deline. 10 pm hifi lounge, Eugene, OR.

May 14 Broadway review, with Julia holtzman, Taylor maiden, bayou Bettie, etc, Luckys downtown Eugene, 5$ 10 pm

April 1st no shame Eugene, free, atrium building, 8pm

April 3 the laffoff at actors cabaret in Eugene. 25$ with many local comics including Leigh Anne Josheway.

April 9  sci fi theatre, playing theremin, Upstart Crow Studios 855 W 1st Ave free! 8pm and ten pm

April 10 forest web fundraiser (cottage grove) with Alex Inhat, Helen Shepard, Russel Melia and more!

April 16 sci fi Theatre! Upstart Crow Studios 855 W 1st Ave. playing there,in and debuting the Star Trek rap.

April 17 squiggly vaudeville at tsunami books, Eugene. 5$ with Ari and her banjo, magician invincible Vince, juggling humorists Dubelevay, strongman Jon Deline, clown Ausla the OK,  and more!

April 22 Nerdlesque, with spoc-3po, Jon Deline, dangerous curves, Broadway review, trek theatre and more! Five to ten $ donation.
April 29 vanilla Jill’s with the Eleinvaders! Free 7 pm

April 30, Eugene garden club, benefit for Emily  Semple, with Latin funk band Snake Hips, Jon Deline, Helen being and Pleado. Free 7 pm
Feb 14 12pm to four pm free Eugene festival in Kesey square (drawing portraits)

Feb 19 wandering goat, five dollars with Eleinvaders

April 10 forest web fundraiser at axe and fiddle 10$

February 3 wandering goat.  8pm 5$ with Shane Connor and. joe kaplow

January 30 bleepin funny Sam bonds with Dillon Flynn, 5pm free.

Nov 10 Nov 24 amusedays at Luckys. A comedy open mic free

Nov 17 Nov 24 amusedays at Luckys. A comedy open mic free

Nov 20, 21. New Zone gallery Eugene, Cabinet of Curiosities: Steam Punk Cabaret! With Cullen Vance, Faerbella, Mood Area 52 ,  12$

Nov 24 Amusedays at Luckys. A comedy open mic free

Nov 28 Wandering goat Eugene.  5$

James Betzer, T.J. Burrell, Jonah West, and Isaac Paris will be rocking the wandering goat with their music. It will be a wonderful evening of local artists pouring their hearts out on stage for your enjoyment.

Nov 3 Amusedays at Luckys. A comedy open mic free 930 pm free

Oct 20 Amusedays at Luckys. A comedy open mic free 930 pm free

Oct 23 comedy at Agrarian Ales  (Coburg) with Seth Milstein, Eric Alexander Moore, Dash Thompson. 7pm free!

Oct 27 Amusedays at Luckys. A comedy open mic free 930 pm free

Oct 2, The Atrium, No Shame Eugene 7 pm free! Doing music for a haunted house.

Oct 10, House Party with Human Ottoman. Five dollar donation to the band.

Oct 23 tsunami books with Killy Dwyer from NYC.

July 18- TVSF pre fair Vaudeville with Jessica Obermiller, (miss molecule) Austin Miller, Dangerlot, dance REVolution and more! ( in fairbanks, ak)

August 13 3:30 stand up comedy with Melissa Buchta at the Tanana valley state fair in fairbanks, ak. With special guest translating our comedy set into American Sign Language!

August 14, the Marlin Fairbanks Alaska, with Barcelona Boys Choir and the Longshots. 10 pm five bucks

August 15 Tanana valley state fair, with tai Trujillo, Scotty and trink. 1pm ferguson field stage

August 22 trapper creek music and arts fest early afternoon.

June rockin rodeo hot mess burlesque

April 24- Playing music at Hard Times Distillery with Shane Connor 8pm Eugene, Or FREE

April 25- Corvallis Free noise/ experimental music show with ??? Interzone 1563 NW Monroe Ave

Corvallis, OR 97330

April 26 –  4th annual Fundraiser for Forest Web. with Aaron Anderson, Helen Being, Alex Inhat and more. 7pm, donations accepted. Axe and Fiddle. Cottage Grove, Or

June 6- Clucking blossom in Fairbanks,

April 18 Cowloons, Eugene, Oregons funniest person competition, semi finals 5$ 8pm

March 13- Cowloons, (Eugene) Oregon’s Funniest Person competition 5$ 8pm

March 28 16 Tons cafe (eugene), 6 to 8 pm, free, playing music with Shane Connor of the Longshots

March 29- Actors cabaret theatre, Eugene, 7 pm  (20$)

Dec- 19 at Cowfish with Lucy Glass  8 pm, donations accepted

Join us for a night of comedy, music, choreography, game shows, and magic, showcasing local talent and acts, with special guest comedian, Chris Castles from Austin, TX.

Dec 23 Comedy at Lucky’s with Helen Being, Lucy Glass and more. 8 to 10 pm, FREE

October 17- 7pm Free playing banjo and piano with Hannah Paysinger at Hard Times Tasting room, Eugene.

October 25- Bleepin Funny- Sam Bonds 5 pm with Leanne Josheway and more (free)

August 30 “Bleepin Funny Sam bonds 5 pm with Leanne Josheway and more (free)

September 20 “Trudy Bauchery’s Burlesque Variety show, “Sam Bonds  Garage, Eugene, Or. 10 pm ($10)

September 27- Bleepin Funny Sam Bonds 5 pm with Leanne Josheway and more (free)

Hot Mess 2014 will be Friday June 27, 9-midnight at the Rock and Rodeo. Fairbanks, AK.

Tanana Valley Fair comedy show august 2, Theremin Demonstration 1pm August 4th.

Salcha Fair, June 28 with bernie Bousa, Joe Ransdell Green and Tara Chrisman

Fairbanks Tanana Valley Fair, August 9, 4pm

Trapper Creek Music and Arts Fest. With Blackwater Railroad Co, Cello Fury, Saucy Yoda, Not Enough Flannel, and many more. August 16, 2 pm

June- 14 Sex Slam at  Tsunami books, Eugene Oregon, 8 pm

May 9 at The Buzz and Union Market- 6 pm. The Willamette Valley Music Festival comedy stage featuring Absolute Improv, and stand-up comedy with Joshua Isaac Finch, Lindsay Heather LePon Alex Adney, Brendan Tate and more! Hosted by Gina Ginsberg.

may 23- a Goodby Eugene Show at 543 Blare- COUNTDOWN Studios with Mike McGowan, Lucy Glass, Gina Ginsberg, Katy “Tramp Stamp” Crosslin, Itay Vagner, and Alex Adney

Saturday, April 19 I am at the Second street Theatre in Bend, The price is 8 in advance and $10 at the door. I am opening for Jake Woodmanse!

Also Sam bonds garage (Eugene)  April 26 5pm Free and ALL AGES

Conor Armor, Cress Bates, Nicole Deluise, Melody Dodd, Terry Geil, Ashley Hope, Mike McGowen, Me, Sarah White, Cailin Wolff, and the Out of Our Minds Improv Troupe.

April 2
Quackin me up Comedy at The Cooler, with Conor Armor and many others
5$ at The Cooler, 8 pm.

April 5th- Uganda Benefit with Melody Gore Dodd, Gina Ginsberg, Marian Pearl, Russel Parker, Short Order Cooks and More.

Grrlz Rock workshop at Girls Rule At Lane Community College, 1pm, March 15.

Cornucopia march 14 opening for Steve Spinola, Mike McGowan, Zaty Rosslin, Teresa Wyckoff and Doug Wyckoff.

March 7comics with glassesFeb 281517730_10201358510753708_1287218736_n-1Bleepin Funny at Sam Bonds Garage in Eugene

Jan 25th 5 pm Free with Max Brockman, Daniel Casarez, Terry Geil, Gina Ginsberg, Leigh Anne Jasheway, Sarah Lowe,and Cailin Wolff, improv from Out of Our Minds

Quackin Me Up at The Cooler in Eugene February 11, 8 pm. 5$

I get to HEADLINE, that means I will be last and perform 20 minutes or more… so jokes, rap and comics… with Cailin Wolf, Gina Ginsberg, Brandt Hamilton and Joe Glasgow.

MUSE ART at Cozmic Pizza with Hannah Paysinger. It will be a 2 piano songwriters show! Hannah is so talented, I’m sure you will love it. Free, Cozmic pizza, 5 pm to 7 pm, January 27.

Quackin me up at The Cooler in Eugene

Jan 7 8:30 pm with Gina Ginsberg, Camille Lawrence, Itay Vagner and Joe Glasgow

Bar of the Gods Comedy in Portland

Sunday jan 13, free 9pm

No Pants comedy at Cornucopia in Eugene.
Friday Dec 13 Free, 9:30, with Mike McGowan, Mac Chase and headliner Seth Milstein.

Best of Quackin Me Up
Cozmic Pizza November 30, 8pm.
with Itay Vagner, and Gina Ginsberg
Bleepin Funny At Sam Bonds, November 30, 5 pm.
with Leigh Anne Josheway, Sarah Lowe, Sarah White, Terry Geil and more.

“The Trudy Bauchery Variety Show”

featuring Miss Alex Kennedy and Isaac Paris Saturday Nov. 23rd. 9:30 p.m.

$8 Sam Bond’s Garage in Eugene, Oregon- 9:30

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