Currently Unknown Future Classics (2013)

(A kind review from Alan Fears at ksua)

Paper Scissors- Never Surrender (2011)

Paper Scissors- Present and Contingent (2009)

Angel’s Cruel Thesis (2009)
Paper Scissors – Self Titled (2007)
The Great Alaskan Laser Tag Company (2005)
Isaac and the Awkward Situations (2003)

Four out of Five Doctors- Synesthesiologists

Isaac played keyboards and accordion, for years with Paper Scissors, and also in other shorter lived bands such as “New Teen Paranormal Romance,”, “Night of the Iguana” and “The Lithe.” He played guitar and theremin in Four out of Five Doctors.

Though for years his music was in the surf, ska and punk realms, he has been getting more jazzy in his more recent years. Lately he has been playing with Shane Connor of The Longshots. 

Photo by Todd Paris Photo by Todd Paris

Isaac has opened for/shared the stage with: Human Ottoman, johan divine/Jon Deline, stovokor, attic ted, Invincible Vince, Nicole, Souzana, Dubelevay, Harp Daddy and the Mojo Blues Band, Ari and her Banjo,  Ausla the OK, Trek Theatre, Bayou Bettie, dark lightly, Taylor Maiden, Dangerous Curves, the Eleinvaders, Mood Area 52, Cullen Vance, Faerbella,  Nobodies Gal, Dan Firmin, Black Mountain Rail Road Co. Cello Fury, Emma Hill, Not Enough Flannel, Reverend Poor Child, Avery Wolves, Mike Sweets, Erik Hernandez, Sam Allen, The DoubleClicks, Debbie Wooten, David Heti, Stephen Spinola,  Aaron Anderson, Trudy Bauchery, Babs Jamboree, Leigh Anne Jasheway, Cienna Jade, Michael Sevigny, Andre avdeef, Bert Walpack, rachelle Cote, Gina Ginsberg, Tanya Kornilovich, Mac Chase, Jake Woodmansee, Mike McGowan, Seth Milstein, Revka, Itay Vagner, Ashley Hope, Randy Mendez, Sarah White, Sarah Lowe, Terry Geil, Max Brockman, Randy Mendez, Xander Deveauex, Jen Tam, Steven Kirby, Joe Glasgow, Chris Chelson, The Slaughter Daughters, Corrine Rose, The No Chance Charlies, The Phineas Gage, Spank Williams, Unicorn Justice (that’s not the name of the band), Dante Minalo, Terry Clement, Gregory Pepper, Liz Worth, Joey Comeau, Natalie Zina Walschots, Hal Niedzviecki, Steve Brown and the Bailers, Austin Steamers, Super Saturated Sugar Strings, Overby Family Band, Big Mama Lele and The Juicy Jugs, St. Animal, Jeffrey Lewis, Lorraine Leckie and Her Demons, The Stumblebum Brass Band, The Mountain Goats, Tim Fite, Matisyahu, Kill the Band, Saucy Yoda, Electric Tape, The Ba’cuntry Bruthers, Matt Hopper + The Roman Candles, Thought Trade, Whiskey Tango, The Scurvies, Tim Easton, The Sweeteners, The Goat Rodeo, Naked Men, Sabe Flores, Ukulele Russ, Jeff Kanzler, Robin Dale Ford and Pat Fitzgerald, The Stephanies, The Good Daze, Sweating Honey, Eating For Two, Green Tara, Fearless Pirates of Willygoat, Broom Box, The Muldoonies, Arctic Noise Symphony, Three Chord Ho!, Wayward Space Cadets, M Tentacles, The Moon Knights, Alex Olson, The New Centuries, Massive Moth, Blackout 101, Pretty Birds that Kill, Laila O’Sullivan, Rebecca Menzia, Mr. Mcfeely, 37SCDW, Methyl Red, Ezro Sun, The Stephanies, Savvy, Feeding Frenzy, Adam Bricks, Ramona Come Closer, La Cosa Nostra, Press Start to Rock, the Hickmans, Druqs, Miss Midnight Agogo, Tongue Brain Knee Thigh, The Jeffries and many others. He almost opened for The Lucky Dragons but his car broke down on the way!
isaac playingpiano
He has provided live accompaniment to Trek Theater’s production of “The Game.” His songs have been covered by Rebecca Menzia and Laila O’Sullivan, Liberty Cabbage and Electric Tape. His original music was used in “Caligari Alaska” at UAF Theatre, and in movies by Tyson Hansen and Paula Dabaach. His song “Damn you, Damn you, Damn you” was in the 2010 Valentines Burlesque show from Naked Stage Production. His song “The Ballad of Maggie McGris” was in the 2009 Lonely Hearts Burlesque. His song “Drunk and Seduced” was a part of the 2007 production of Seward’s Follies “Fleur de Mal” Burlesque show. His song “Annabelle” was selected for the 2007 Fairbanks music compilation album “Stranger than the City.” His song “Brilliance of the Auora Borealis” was selected by NPR’s “All Songs Considered” and was available at their website. He has played as a guest on albums for The Scurvies, Esther Golton, and The Moon Knights.

Has he really played all these shows/clubs/theaters? YES! and more Has he really played all these shows/clubs/theaters? YES! and more

isaacplaying accordion



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