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Torrey Newhart and Sean Paterson at the jazz station

These musicians played a tribute to Keith jarret last night at the Jazz station.


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Monastic Art Enclosure


 Some groovy jazz at the Sam bonds brewery.

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Bustin Jeiber from Eugene, OR


This band is unexplainable. They are Bustin Jeiber from Eugene, Or. Their new album is available here. As Dusty sang into a fuzz pedal about gravy and gravyrobbers, I said to my partner, “uh, does this sound like Primus?” She said simultaneously, “sounds like Frank Zappa, huh?”

Without a guitar, Andy on sax does the melodic heavy lifting, sometimes playing into wah wah pedals. Susan plays meticulous and precise drums with a determined wit.  No, they don’t sound like anything else. They are part of the weird wonderful Eugene scene. They are on tour selling their new album and comic book. Too cool.


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Jazz at the Blue Loon.

Wonderful show- Barney Mcclure and Clipper Anderson play amazing together. Keith Karns rocks the Trumpet, Greta Metassa, wow! and Darrin Clendenin had great chops too! I liked their cover of “Don’t talk at all, Show me!” and “Summertime.”  James Yoshizawa played a “call and response” percussion solo with Diamond Fuller that brought the house down!

James Yoshizawajazzattheblueloon

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