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This band rocks hard, great drummer, great compositions. Post rock in the veins of Euphone,  Transam. A little bit of thrash and dub tossed in, reminded me of 4 out of 5 doctors all grown up. Made me want to listen to Karate and Dub Trio again.


Halloween tea

I drew portraits at the Sheldon mc Murphy house for halloweeen tea.

Serena Rose and Brent Fiasco


I caught Red Raven Follies presentation of the Fiasco Sideshow. These two are so talented and wacky. They drop their props on the floor loudly and seemingly randomly. They tell dirty jokes, juggle dildos, throw knives, and generally just behave ridiculously for an hour. There is an unease in the room as it doesn’t feel like you are watching professionals, and you could certainly be a witness to someone getting hurt, but its always entertaining and hilarious. My favorite part was once where Serena said, “its story time” and put on absurd glasses, pulled out a book and read, “once there was a tortoise and a hare who had a race, the hare fell asleep and the tortoise won, the end! Phew, sorry to exhaust you all with such a long story!” It was certainly impressive when Serena held a fluorescent bulb and touched a high power tesla coil. The bulb lit up! Incredible!

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Three for silver, Cigarettes and Milk




“Iceberg Social Club” live from Eugene, Or.


I played a show here in Eugene at the Wandering Goat, opening for Eleinvaders, an indie jazz swing band.  Thanks for watching! I’m so lucky to have Shane Connor from the Longshots on tenor sax.


and as a bonus, here we are playing “Stanford Prison Experiment”

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Saffron, Era Coda, Violet Underground

Saffron seems to be continuing the north west grunge tradition. They rock very hard. Alex, graham and Matt.


Era Coda lost a member but delivered new songs with vocals and an enigmatic quirky style.


Violet Underground is from Astoria. They play driving instrumental rock that reminded me of Transam, but occasionally had some country and surf sounds.

Portland Cello Project


Portland Cello Project brought a six member touring troupe to Eugene and pleased the crowd with virtuoso playing and a touch of humor. Hearing two Elliot Smith instrumental covers and two Dave Brubeck songs was an unexpected delight. I was most familiar with their collaboration with Thao Nyugen but they have five albums of material and did not disappoint in a live setting.
 Included below are my black and white inks in case you are interested.


 Harm is an alternative to your standard band. Much like a chamber pop collective, they include instruments it is unusual to see in a rock club: a clarinet, a harmonium and a cello. Their music is grande and strange, influenced by Coco Rosie, Portishead and maybe My Brightest Diamond. It’s Hip hop with beats provided by a beat boxer who also writes much of the lyrics. This is certainly an ensemble and the mood they create is special. Rebecca is a graduate of such influential bands as Feeding Frenzy and Haifa. This was my first chance to see them with a cellist. Layla O’Sullivan is also a songwriter and her deep voice compliments Rebecca’s.


  A their opener was Small Souls, who seemed to me much influenced by Death Cab for Cutie. Bryan Daste plays pedal steel with Alaskan songwriter Emma Hill.

Eugene Poetry Slam Showcase at Oregon Country Fair

Some of the powerful voices at the Spoken word stage at Oregon Country Fair.Eugene poetry showcase1100_3899100_3891100_3894100_3896.JPG

Oh yeah, and I performed too. You can see many of these slammers at Tsunami Book’s Poetry Slams (Hosted by Jorah LeFleur), every ssecond Saturday.isaac43.jpg

Cabinet of Curiosities steam punk cabaret! Faerbella, Cullen and Mia Vance, new zone gallery, fusion fascination

 Faerbella call themselves “dark cabaret” I thought their clever pop lyrics and harmonies reminded me of Camera Obscura and the Cardigans. Trumpet and stand up bass mean they fit in at a jazz venue, a sense of humor and lovely voices make them a fantastic live show.  

Serena had several dance performances with her troupe Fusion Fascination. (Michele was very serious and had a stern face as she danced, but Kaity had a big smile.) I took photos to reference for details in my drawing. 


Cullen Vance is so talented, producing elaborate middle eastern soundscapes with a fiddle, some drums and a looping pedal. His wife Mia dances belly dance. I hope to see them again because they are awesome! Keep up with them at this website. Cullen also teaches drama and improv and makes animation. 

We also heard humorous stories from Tamathy Christenson, who performs monthly at No Shame Eugene. I got to play piano and theremin and share my cartoons while people mingled and enjoyed Steve’s incredible steam punk, diesel punk and ????  art. His work is always up at the New Zone Gallery. It is weird, wonderful and functioning.


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