Cabinet of Curiosities steam punk cabaret! Faerbella, Cullen and Mia Vance, new zone gallery, fusion fascination

 Faerbella call themselves “dark cabaret” I thought their clever pop lyrics and harmonies reminded me of Camera Obscura and the Cardigans. Trumpet and stand up bass mean they fit in at a jazz venue, a sense of humor and lovely voices make them a fantastic live show.  

Serena had several dance performances with her troupe Fusion Fascination. (Michele was very serious and had a stern face as she danced, but Kaity had a big smile.) I took photos to reference for details in my drawing. 


Cullen Vance is so talented, producing elaborate middle eastern soundscapes with a fiddle, some drums and a looping pedal. His wife Mia dances belly dance. I hope to see them again because they are awesome! Keep up with them at this website. Cullen also teaches drama and improv and makes animation. 

We also heard humorous stories from Tamathy Christenson, who performs monthly at No Shame Eugene. I got to play piano and theremin and share my cartoons while people mingled and enjoyed Steve’s incredible steam punk, diesel punk and ????  art. His work is always up at the New Zone Gallery. It is weird, wonderful and functioning.


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