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Squiggly Vaudeville Recap


We had many performances from local entertainers who volunteered their time to support two local establishments that help make Eugene special:  Tsunami Books for Network Charter School.

Eccentric clown John Roy read us some ee cummings and played some silly music.


Mary Leighton and Maya Rabasa are running for school board and told us some words to convince us their a good fit for the position.

Screen shot 2017-04-30 at 8.53.37 PM.pngRevka told us hilarious stories of awkward situations and called out their parents for helping make them so weird.DSC_1074

Jon Deline did magic, sang us a song and juggled! what a triple threat.


Student band “Feeble” played for us songs they have been practicing at school with their instructor Mara.


Ari and her Banjo is always a delight, such fast fingers.


Local Poet and rabble rouser Jorah Lefleur


Owzzla the OK and Stellar the Shaky are creative wacky clowns.DSC_0030.JPGDSC_0005.JPG


18142805_10211365143537947_1145972155_n.jpg Nicole danced for us, she teaches belly dance, dances at MEDGE events and is often in Trek Theater Productions.


I think Gabby Jesus is one of our funniest and most unique local voices. She told us about her problems dating.


The beautiful and exotic Souzana danced for us with her wings and her finger cymbalsDSC_0125.JPG18157665_10155490147953690_1853719634190074026_n18198652_10155490148228690_7602823161677442280_n18194570_10155490147633690_3793339723139333643_n

My next squiggly show will be may 27 at Vanilla Jills. There again we will have Owzzla the OK, Invincible Vince and Cienna Jade and special guests Eden Powell and Mike McGowan.


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Beats Antique

Beats Antique played the McDonald Theatre. There was some shadow puppetry, a giant inflatable dragon, several belly dancers and of course the band, playing middle eastern dub dance on violin, clarinet, sax and some wild eastern instruments like maybe a tar? I think they fit alongside RJD2, OTT, Balkan Beat Box, and Lindsay Sterling.


You can listen to their music at bandcamp. The geometric pyramid shapes that decorated their stage were a fun challenge to draw.

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House of Tarab

This band plays music from old Egyptian films. They have belly dancers dance live while they perform! They are based in Seattle and their keyboard player plays a synth and makes it sound like a dozen middle eastern instruments. 


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Black Magdalene

Black Magdalene have a bass and guitar player, a drummer, and three belly dancers. They also have a sexy vocalist and decorate their mic stand with swag. Combining world music with electronics and live instrumentation they put on a special show.

They call themselves organic dark wave with middle eastern sounds. They have a bandcamp page where you can listen but of course, the fun is in seeing the band play and dance live!


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Cabinet of Curiosities steam punk cabaret! Faerbella, Cullen and Mia Vance, new zone gallery, fusion fascination

 Faerbella call themselves “dark cabaret” I thought their clever pop lyrics and harmonies reminded me of Camera Obscura and the Cardigans. Trumpet and stand up bass mean they fit in at a jazz venue, a sense of humor and lovely voices make them a fantastic live show.  

Serena had several dance performances with her troupe Fusion Fascination. (Michele was very serious and had a stern face as she danced, but Kaity had a big smile.) I took photos to reference for details in my drawing. 


Cullen Vance is so talented, producing elaborate middle eastern soundscapes with a fiddle, some drums and a looping pedal. His wife Mia dances belly dance. I hope to see them again because they are awesome! Keep up with them at this website. Cullen also teaches drama and improv and makes animation. 

We also heard humorous stories from Tamathy Christenson, who performs monthly at No Shame Eugene. I got to play piano and theremin and share my cartoons while people mingled and enjoyed Steve’s incredible steam punk, diesel punk and ????  art. His work is always up at the New Zone Gallery. It is weird, wonderful and functioning.


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Asian celebration

When I was teaching art at Mecca, Sometimes I’d start the day by showing students drawings I made over the weekend, to model to them that artists should practice every day. I don’t have any students to share with anymore. 😦 May I share them with you dear reader?

Every Year in February Eugene has an Asian Celebration with dancers, music, vendors and art! Here are some of the drawings I made this year. 100_3751 100_3752

These are Belly Dancers who sometimes dance at MEDGE nights at Cozmic Pizza.

Here are some more of the dancers who shared their heritage and culture on the main stage.100_3750 100_3748 100_3745 100_3740 100_3736

A real highlight was this Koto music. She was joined by a Kalimba (or a Mbira?) and an accordion and piano100_3743 100_3746 100_3749

Here are a few more miscellaneous drawings, I didn’t finish coloring all of them. The Taiko drums are always exciting!100_3747 100_3742 100_3741 100_3737

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