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Black Magdalene

Black Magdalene have a bass and guitar player, a drummer, and three belly dancers. They also have a sexy vocalist and decorate their mic stand with swag. Combining world music with electronics and live instrumentation they put on a special show.

They call themselves organic dark wave with middle eastern sounds. They have a bandcamp page where you can listen but of course, the fun is in seeing the band play and dance live!


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Llorona play haunting ballads: jazzy, touching, personal beautiful.   

 I’m embarrassed that I drew the violinist with such a prominent nose, so I redrew her as a full body pose.  

Here is the black and white, if you are interested.

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ERA CODA with Beef bottom and Lojia

ERA CODA plays beautiful complicated music. In the vein of Maps and Atlases and Thought trade. I also hear echoes of Danny Elfman, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Radiohead, Frank Zappa and Morricone Youth. They haven’t recorded yet but dear god their songs are amazing.


They shared the stage with Beef Bottom, an excellent bar band who plays covers of Queen, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John and coolest of all, The Band.Now just learn some Traveling WIlburies and some Black Keys buddys.

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Lojia are very heavy dark funk with elements of metal.100_3838 100_3839

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