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Era Coda, Saffron, Ghost Tour, Jor-Dan

I was invited to a private party where bands played inside a living room. These bands are so delightful. Era Coda plays accessible mathy rock. Its delightful.image1-1

Jor-Dan plays electro rock. It’s huge and loud and sounds shimmering!

Saffron plays heavy grungy rock. It’s catchy, but has a sharp edge.



Ghost Tour plays pop with keyboards and sometimes horns. some songs are sung by Olive and some are sung by Andy.

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Childspeak, Fortune’s Folly, Kef, Era C´╗┐oda

I have been so busy and not posting my drawings, or even coloring them! Here are a few I made recently, as in last month. Childspeak play post rock spazzy wacky fuzz and are never boring or predictable!
Kef play Balkan music! Alternative brass bands are in! Rebirth, galactic, Balkan beat box, and Slavic soul party are popular but there are many more all over the United States. Some of them gather on the west coast for HONK and Yonk fest.

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ERA CODA with Beef bottom and Lojia

ERA CODA plays beautiful complicated music. In the vein of Maps and Atlases and Thought trade. I also hear echoes of Danny Elfman, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Radiohead, Frank Zappa and Morricone Youth. They haven’t recorded yet but dear god their songs are amazing.


They shared the stage with Beef Bottom, an excellent bar band who plays covers of Queen, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John and coolest of all, The Band.Now just learn some Traveling WIlburies and some Black Keys buddys.

100_3836 100_3835

Lojia are very heavy dark funk with elements of metal.100_3838 100_3839

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