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2020 Edward Gorey Ball

Edward Gorey Ball: 2020 virtual edition

Happy Halloween, thank you for tuning in.

When Spectrum reopens we will host burlesque, music, drag and comedy shows again. For now, we will produce virtual shows like this one. If you’d like to tip the production, donate $5, $10 or more to Isaac on PayPal: strangecharm99@gmail.com

You are free to tip the performers directly if you wish. 

Performers are

Tamathy wrote and directed “The Child” 

With Riley Christensen. With help from Xander Boosinger

Music credit : My Bubba & Elsa Sjunger Visor /Näckaspel/ Sing Swedish Songs

Miss buttons dances Burlesque and does circus arts at Old Nicks Pub.

Josephine D’Love dances with The Broadway review, and produces shows as Red Raven Follies

Jessica Kinser is an artist based in Springfield, Oregon.


“AudIT” a short film by Jon Deline. Jon Deline a comedian, actor, and clown based in Los Angeles.

Taylor Maiden produces her own shows as “Taylor Made Productions” and with The Broadway Review

Music credit: Bach cello suites

Nanci Mcdonald plays cello in “Baroque Betty” 

Performing “love potion #9” by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

Isaac Paris produces shows as “sketchy the clown”

Tawdry Hepburn dances burlesque and produces shows with Unveiled, Eugene’s Queer Burlesque

Artemis Sharpe juggles in various productions in Eugene and Portland

Music credit: “Your heart is as black as night” by Melody Gardot

Morgan Yarborough runs a website and newsletter “our own hands” discussing issues regarding the good death.


All sounds from freesound.org or recorded by Isaac Paris

Betty Jaeger dances and sings with The High Step Society and Baroque Betty 


Chryss Allaback teaches drama at Umpqua Community College

Check out her production of “War of the Worlds” here: 

Maliena Bitchcock hosts “Bitchtalk with Bitchcock” online and performs drag in Eugene Oregon .music credit: Dragula by Lissie

Tip them at venmo @Jammie.roberts-2 Or cashapp $bitchcock340

Beast of Eden is a sexy terrifying loud metal blues rockabilly band based in Eugene Oregon.

Nisha Calkins teaches cello at rise and shine cello studios.

For inquiries, to schedule a lesson, or talk Cello and music please email riseandshinecellostudio@gmail.com.

Dandy Pie performs with various burlesque troupes including The Broadway Review and Scrumptious Scoundrels.

Lyr-a-deux feat. Zâla Runa and Agatha Angina 

they thank Yaps Seager for video and help.

Hocus Pocus Soundtrack for the music credit- Sarah’s Theme And Witch Attack by John Debney.

When in Eugene, visit Spectrum!

When in Cape cod: visit the Edward Gorey house!

Buy his merch at www.goreystore.com

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Squiggly Vaudeville IV recap

July 21 we had a fourth edition of squiggly vaudeville with clowns, comedians, dancers, singers, a cellist and a baton twirler! Vanilla Jills is a perfect home for us, being all ages, outdoors, and having great food and beverages (including ice cream cocktails, or alcohol infused milkshakes). It may even be worth a drive)

I debuted a new clown act where I'm a square accountant who just wants to learn how to play bongos! ( but I'm a little scared of my bongos)

Mike Sevigny informed us which Pokemon moves he can and can't do.
The controversial and sarcastic emily doerr.Kailey mckay did baton twirling for us! (She said I could pick her music so I chose Perez Prado and Ursula 1000)

Owzzla had an enthusiastic volunteer!

It was very classy to have a classically trained cellist playing for us. I don't have photos of bijou Nix or ms muffit, but they both did two numbers. We had a blast, please join us next time, August 18. We will be joined by Jon deline, Trudy Bauchery, dame peaches Von killingsworth, and more!

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Squiggly Vaudeville Recap


We had many performances from local entertainers who volunteered their time to support two local establishments that help make Eugene special:  Tsunami Books for Network Charter School.

Eccentric clown John Roy read us some ee cummings and played some silly music.


Mary Leighton and Maya Rabasa are running for school board and told us some words to convince us their a good fit for the position.

Screen shot 2017-04-30 at 8.53.37 PM.pngRevka told us hilarious stories of awkward situations and called out their parents for helping make them so weird.DSC_1074

Jon Deline did magic, sang us a song and juggled! what a triple threat.


Student band “Feeble” played for us songs they have been practicing at school with their instructor Mara.


Ari and her Banjo is always a delight, such fast fingers.


Local Poet and rabble rouser Jorah Lefleur


Owzzla the OK and Stellar the Shaky are creative wacky clowns.DSC_0030.JPGDSC_0005.JPG


18142805_10211365143537947_1145972155_n.jpg Nicole danced for us, she teaches belly dance, dances at MEDGE events and is often in Trek Theater Productions.


I think Gabby Jesus is one of our funniest and most unique local voices. She told us about her problems dating.


The beautiful and exotic Souzana danced for us with her wings and her finger cymbalsDSC_0125.JPG18157665_10155490147953690_1853719634190074026_n18198652_10155490148228690_7602823161677442280_n18194570_10155490147633690_3793339723139333643_n

My next squiggly show will be may 27 at Vanilla Jills. There again we will have Owzzla the OK, Invincible Vince and Cienna Jade and special guests Eden Powell and Mike McGowan.


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Rascal Cabaret at cowfish

This delightful show had saxophone by Roger Woods, cello by Nisha Calkins Godfrey, burlesque by Dahlia Murder and belly dancing by Sara Seraphina!

This is Roger’s band, I especially liked “love for sale”played fast and peppy!

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Royal Famille duCaniveaux

This drawing has been in my notebook awhile. I found a video of their performance from 2016 in YouTube! This troupe has many more performers that I didn’t draw, and I’m not sure about their costumes and hair color, and the page has some splotches on it because my markers were water based and I had it in the rain! It was a good show, full of laughs.

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Squiggly vaudeville recap

Tunami Books in collaboration with me, Isaac Paris productions put on this show! Squiggle time! (maybe I was considering the name squiggles the clown because it sounds less dangerous than sketchy the clown, and I like tentacles.)  


 Jon Deline’s brave volunteers. 
 Ausla the ok is very enthusiastic!

  Invincible Vince amazed us!  
Ari and her banjo played us beautiful music!    
One of our clowns had her head turned 360 degrees! Child abuse, right?  

We had a great time! There will be future vaudeville shows in town! Next time I hope to have a belly dancer, an accordion a player, and do live art creation, drawing audience members! What else should we have? I’d love to find a contortionist, and a puppeteer or marionette artist.

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Clucking Blossom 9


Can you believe another CB has come and gone? It was a fun party though I could only be there for the first half. (I’m working on a movie). I am thankful for Kyle Batley for these incredible photos! Some of the photos of me performing are by Elliot Wilson or Amanda Bent.

Photo by Amanda bent

Photo by Amanda bent

I played to a crowd of about 60. Teens and young adults love the live comics. I performed the “Beard Rap,” some family friendly stand up Comedy, and a fast forwarded version of “The History of Vaudeville and Performance Comics.” I Played a banjo song “You don’t need money to have fun,” which is one of my favorites from the new album, and an old song “The Anthropic Principle Lullabye.”

Photo by Elliot Wilson

Photo by Elliot Wilson


 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

The enigmatic "Squatters Temple" photo by Kyle Batley

The enigmatic “Squatters Temple” photo by Kyle Batley

Squatter’s Temple played a very hard rocking version of their songs. “people can’t read and people can’t write” and “hop on one foot hop on the other” and many other of his odd lyrics will be stuck in your head for days. He is getting better as he keeps at it, and I recommend you catch him playing live near you.

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley


 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

"The Phineas Gage" photo by Kyle Batley

“The Phineas Gage” photo by Kyle Batley

The Phineas Gage play socially conscious hip hop with a powerful live band sound. They are incredible, not to be missed, especially if you like lyrics that have something thoughtful to say. Raif and Sonny Golden spar off each other with a charming rivalry.

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

Prolapse played hard fast crazy metal, you can catch them again at the Tanana Valley Fair in August, many other performers who played at CB9 will also play at the fair, including Nathan Zody, Dan Firmin, Shagg, and more!

 photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley

photo by Kyle Batley



Usually at these festivals i try to draw 50+ people, take their photo and let them keep the drawings. Some people collect them every year. I could only stay a little while, so I couldn’t continue the tradition this year.


Jazz Farm and a color vision of the stage

Jazz Farm and a color vision of the stage

Jazz Farm (or Jass Pharm… or some other spelling) played a chill set including the old standard “Goodbye Pork Pie hat. They are two talented musicians who happen to be married with kids. Alan used to play in Stov and Amanda used to play in “3 Chord Ho!” Sometimes they play at the Marlin or Ivory Jacks with a full band and get their Gypsy jazz on.

The next big Fairbanks Festival is Angry Young and Poor. It will be at Ester Community Park on July 15th. I will not be playing, I am traveling to Homer.

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Comics workshop and Kamishibai Presentation at the Bend Library march 27

100_2038Comics workshop and Kamishibai Presentation at the Bend Library march 27100_2032

Many talented kids and their willing parents attended my lecture and played along with improv comic games today. Thank you April, Jill, Heather and all the kids who came!



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