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Squiggly Vaudeville Recap


We had many performances from local entertainers who volunteered their time to support two local establishments that help make Eugene special:  Tsunami Books for Network Charter School.

Eccentric clown John Roy read us some ee cummings and played some silly music.


Mary Leighton and Maya Rabasa are running for school board and told us some words to convince us their a good fit for the position.

Screen shot 2017-04-30 at 8.53.37 PM.pngRevka told us hilarious stories of awkward situations and called out their parents for helping make them so weird.DSC_1074

Jon Deline did magic, sang us a song and juggled! what a triple threat.


Student band “Feeble” played for us songs they have been practicing at school with their instructor Mara.


Ari and her Banjo is always a delight, such fast fingers.


Local Poet and rabble rouser Jorah Lefleur


Owzzla the OK and Stellar the Shaky are creative wacky clowns.DSC_0030.JPGDSC_0005.JPG


18142805_10211365143537947_1145972155_n.jpg Nicole danced for us, she teaches belly dance, dances at MEDGE events and is often in Trek Theater Productions.


I think Gabby Jesus is one of our funniest and most unique local voices. She told us about her problems dating.


The beautiful and exotic Souzana danced for us with her wings and her finger cymbalsDSC_0125.JPG18157665_10155490147953690_1853719634190074026_n18198652_10155490148228690_7602823161677442280_n18194570_10155490147633690_3793339723139333643_n

My next squiggly show will be may 27 at Vanilla Jills. There again we will have Owzzla the OK, Invincible Vince and Cienna Jade and special guests Eden Powell and Mike McGowan.


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Rascal Cabaret at cowfish

This delightful show had saxophone by Roger Woods, cello by Nisha Calkins Godfrey, burlesque by Dahlia Murder and belly dancing by Sara Seraphina!

This is Roger’s band, I especially liked “love for sale”played fast and peppy!

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Yogoman burning band

Yogoman is from Bellingham Washington and I love them! Sweet ska and soul, with a violin! New Orleans style riddims! My favorite song is “Chakka chakka.” It’s so catchy and poppy!



Watch them play “Pass the O.” Songs like “Please oh please” sound thirty or forty years old, authentic reggae. Total booty shaking music. I caught them at the Oregon Country Fair and what a sweet smooth sound they have.

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“Iceberg Social Club” live from Eugene, Or.


I played a show here in Eugene at the Wandering Goat, opening for Eleinvaders, an indie jazz swing band.  Thanks for watching! I’m so lucky to have Shane Connor from the Longshots on tenor sax.


and as a bonus, here we are playing “Stanford Prison Experiment”

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Marco Benevento at the Axe and Fiddle

Marco Benevento played his droney shimmering, danceable instrumental jam band pop at the Axe and Fiddle last night and it was a magical show! His band was awesome. That drummer (Andy Borger) was amazing. BAss player Dave Dreiwitz was on his game too laying down the fuzz. I don’t know what to say about the show other than that I loved it.

100_3777 100_3778 100_3779 100_3782 100_3784

years ago i Reviewed one of his cds, here is the review originally published in Performer Magazine. He’s made two new albums since 2012! I have got to catch up!

Marco Benevento: Between the Needles and Nightfall


Trout Recording in Brooklyn, NY where engineer Bryce Goggin

Mixed by Mell Dettmer (Sunn O))), Eyvind Kang, Jesse Lauter (Low Anthem, Elvis Perkins) and Vid Cousins (Amon Tobin, Kid Koala)

Benevento delivers another fun and lively collection of funky keyboard music.

A friendly bass riff supplied by Reed Mathis from (Tea Leaf Green and the Jacob Fred Jazz Oryssey) is a prominent part of the title track. “Numbers” chugs along like “Benny and the Jets” but with whirling whizzing, synths and circuit bent toys by Tom Stephenson from Math Robot.

An eye-opening cover of Amy Winehouse’s “You know I’m no good,”  features some extremely overdriven organ. Drummer Andrew Barr really shines here, bringing unexpected counter rhythms and colorful rim shots. Benevento says, “Its such a catchy ditty, it should be in the next fake book or Real book, I’m sure it will stand the test of time!”

The dreamy shuffle on “Music is Still Secret” reminds me of Kid Koala. (maybe that sound is from the collaboration with Vid Cousins.) “Snow Lake” has a creepy shamisen-like sound chiming, these are processed bells from Scott Amendola.

There is always a certain feel to a Benevento song: a pleasant skip in your stride mood, that lends itself to walking with a forward lean.  “Ila Frost” is a highlight, and an ideal example of melodies that sound truly optimistic. Swirling organs provide the poetry, and VInce Guaraldi-like piano riffs bring hope and joy.

There is a Mellotron, an Optigan, various Pianos and Organs and a Harpsichord, processed through bit shifters, delay effects and ring modulators, each joining in like adorable muppet characters in an avant garde opera.

You are sure to hear more layers each time you indulge in this eccentric album.

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Three for Silver

100_3763 100_3762

One of the most delightful, talented bands I’ve seen in Oregon: Three For Silver. Some compare them to Tom Waits, I think they sound a bit like Dark Dark Dark and the Squirrel Nut Zippers! I do like to draw accordions. Andrew played clarinet at this show and played on their album. They said they were friends with another band I have drawn, the G String Orchestra.

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Body Language

Body Language is a modern disco/ electronic dance band from Hartford, Connecticut.

100_3756body They rocked at Cozmic Pizza this week! Zow! Its fun to hear processed vocals in a live show! But where is the guitar!?100_3754

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Annie Where the Sun Don’t Shine, Milk and the Honeys


This unique Alaskan band has a family at its core: Jesse’s brother James plays drums, His wife sings and plays ukulele, and now they have Jeremy (from Savvy) on banjo, Sarah Mitchell on vocals, and Patrick Mailloux on bass. They played perky reggae versions of pop songs and sexy poppy originals!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/6fd/6122708/files/2015/01/img_0072.jpgOnce Annie was alone, then she was joined by Meghan on Harmonica and Eli on guitar. Now eli plays an electric, they have Rebecca File on a miniature acoustic Bass and Hard hitting Punk drummer Matt Harris on the drums. They ROCK now, but they don’t play often because Annie lives in Juneau, but soon it will be Washington D.C.

Totally by accident, my friend’s Paul and Deven’s Christmas card is in the background. oops.

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In the studio: Currently Unknown Future Classics

Here we are in the Studio recording “Bloody Benders”

The whole album is available here on a “pay what you want or stream for free” deal.

isaac marquee
It has 11 original songs, some of which I have played for years, some are brand spankin new. Some have words, some have none. Some feature fantastic guest musicians, some are just me! All were lovingly mixed by James Bartlett and I over the course of three painstaking months.

Trumpet: Luke Soren Neilsen
Fiddle: Susie Hallinan, Heidi Brook
Cello: Sabe Flores
Standup Bass: Chazz Gist
Drums: Travis Burrows
with a choir consisting of:
Amelia Cooper, Eli Barry-Garland,
Sarah Durman, Daniel Firmin, Nick Meurlott, Kaylee Mockridge,
Luke Soren Nielsen, Tai Trujillo.


Engineered at Sunnyside Studios, Fairbanks Alaska
Engineer: James Bartlett
Mixed by Isaac Paris
and James Bartlett
Mastered at Grey City
by Harris Newman
Words and Music copyright Isaac Paris 2013. (soloists arranged their own parts)

Travis Burrows (Thought Trade)

Travis Burrows (Thought Trade)

Photo by James Bartlett

Photo by James Bartlett

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Silvero, G string Orchestra, Kill the BAND

G string Orchestra
I do not have a cd review yet for this band, but their new album is very good. I wanted to show you this drawing.

Silvero (Bend, OR)
Spiritual Vamp
Recorded at Olympia, WA at dub narcotic.
engineered by ephraim nagler
mastered by carl saff
Nella D-vocals, James Ryan Adams-guitar, vocals. James Bigknife-drums, Annika Kat-bass

Crashing cymbals, overdriven guitars and a powerful female voice are the three primary sonic elements that punch you in the face on this debut EP from Bend, Oregon’s “Silvero.”

On the opening track, (Longhornz) there is a funky rhythm and cowbell that will make you pump your fist in the air. Perhaps a radio edit could cut the first minute of slow building intro and just rock right out the gates.
Nella D enchants with her confidence and fucked up lyrics. “Normal boys are so mundane… They can’t give me what I want.” She condemns normality and praises insanity and addiction, shouting “We’re addicted to life’s afflictions.”
“Give me what I want to hear, cuz this girl’s got a special ear.”
The first half of Terrebonne Honey; “If I die let me die in the army of the lord” hasn’t got much in the way of lyrics, but evokes mood in spades. Her voice is looped around the hook, each time she sings it, the subtle variations shine through. The second half picks up and chugs along to tremendous crescendo.

The third track is a Randy Newman Cover, “Guilty.” This band seems to own it and renew it. “Bad man” is also a cover, from the Oblivians, should I have heard of them?

“Overturf” contains some sweetness. Vem kan segla in Swedish and the last is the heaviest, most fearsome grunge, yet its a singalong in the style of 50s rock n roll. The album ends with odd reverbed twinkling, which is just the way it began, perhaps it was designed so that it could be played on repeat. Bass player Annika Kat helps out on the vocals on this hypnotic song.

Most of the tracks have lots of space, a minimalism that is refreshing. My only suggestion would be that Nella’s voice could be clearer if the production was more clean. We hear every amp buzzing and Jim’s careful, reserved drumming isn’t lost in a sludge of overdubs. This bare bones approach to blues is part of what made The Black Keys so exciting back in the 2000s.The listener pays more attention to the words Nina says, as she sometimes makes us wait for eternities between lyrics. The band ebbs and flows through slow dragging tempos and powerful upbeat rhythms. These songs are long, with many changes and variations. This album hits on all four cylinders. Its a gem, that accurately reflects the sound of the band playing live.

For fans of The Pack A.D. Shilpa Ray and her Happy Hookers, The Dead Weather, Janis Joplin


Kill the band (NYC)
Mock Bottom
Recorded and mixed by Jimmy Goodman at Leopard Studio
mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling sound.

KIlly Dwyer infuses each word with inflection and melodrama. The band is consistent and competent whether they are emulating heavy rock, country, lounge, a funk – porn groove or even gospel. Like in their live performace, songs stop abruptly sometimes to have a lounge breakdown or for the band members to indulge themselves or fight.
You can certainly forget that the drum sounds are coming from someones mouth, its Nicholas Fox providing all those percussive sounds. Blair Frowner’s saxophone provides the perfect cheesy ambiance in the second and third tracks.
Fourth track “See Something say something” has that mad glee that Killy is known for. It is a twisted children’s song. The premise is absurd, throwing a cat into the river because you think its a bomb, yet the song’s protagonist must realize it is a cat, as she frequently gives hints that she knows the truth. “I had to stop that bomb from meowing down to zero!” Everyone who rides crowded subways will recognize the situation and the paradox that their catch phrase asks you to report suspicious packages, yet there is no one to report to because budget cuts have removed personnel from many of the subway stations.

On Mock Bottom she makes the joke “On a scale of Lindsay Lohan to Mel Gibsen, I’m a Charlie Sheen.” This is another song about being a tortured, alcoholic artist, or wanting to play that stereotype.
The best track is Ben KIngsley, and sums up the artistic frustration minorities must feel when they are played by actors in films. “No one respects a retard, unless he’s played by Leonardo Dicaprio,” There something so wonderful about humorous, angry lyrics, sung beautifully in harmony; through the sarcasm a touching message shines through.

There was no need to include two versions of “Girl Balls” and “Don’t Attack Me With Your Happiness.” Those are fine recordings, that could be available as downloads for fans on the internet who just can’t get enough Kill the Band. Repetition is tricky when you are doing comedy music, it seems fine live, because some audience members will miss the joke the first time, so a band becomes used to playing their songs with lyrical repetition. If the band had to have two versions, the jokes should be different, the lyrics should have more variation, the variation was all in the mood, and that wasn’t different enough for me.

It is neat to hear the bonus track “I Turned You Gay.” which dates form an earlier era when Killy was always performing solo. She provides the percussion and backing music with her voice into a looping pedal.

This album is fun and weird, and captures well the band’s live set. Something about it certainly encapsulates New York City. Track 5 is a sketch about the frustrations of recording in a studio. Mike Milazzo (guitar) gets to show us his angry voice. There is some of that in “Clone U” as well, with the sound engineer chipping in that he will “fix that in the mix.” Yet, he didn’t. Its a joke, its meta- its postmodern, an album that knows it’s an album.

FCCwarning 1, 5, 7,8 ,11, 12

For fans of ??? Killy Dwyer? Its pretty unique, not much like other humorous rock acts.


and just as a bonus, a drawing if Georgia’s Sarah Peacock, who played Fairbanks this August at the Tanana valley State Fair.

Coming soon, drawings of Ukulele Russ, The Sweeteners, Broombox and more. Laters…

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