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Yogoman burning band

Yogoman is from Bellingham Washington and I love them! Sweet ska and soul, with a violin! New Orleans style riddims! My favorite song is “Chakka chakka.” It’s so catchy and poppy!



Watch them play “Pass the O.” Songs like “Please oh please” sound thirty or forty years old, authentic reggae. Total booty shaking music. I caught them at the Oregon Country Fair and what a sweet smooth sound they have.

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Ska music: The Toasters, Israelites, the Bandulus, Heavy City, The Longshots

I’m so lucky to live where great musicians play ska music! Here are a few drawings. The Toasters are from New York City. You may have heard their hit,”Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

The Israelites are from Portland, Oregon.


The Longshots are from Eugene and Portland.


Heavy City are from Portland! they have many of the same members as the sentiments, and their drummer organizes a ska big band!


  Here are some pencils for The Bandulus, Heavy City and The Longshots.

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Reel Big Fish and Suburban Legends!

Went to the Hawthorne Theatre last friday and caught REEL BIG FISH.

I’ve listened to them since 1996 when the wacky, energetic “Sell Out” was a hit on the radio. I could tell they were playing something similar to these “ska” bands… like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Sublime. Reel Big Fish were my favorite of that era, their happy fun zany sound delivering such nasty biting lyrics. I haven’t followed them in years, and of course, they never toured to Alaska, but I still enjoy the “Everything Sucks” album and “Why do they rock so hard?” quite a bit. They rerecorded all their old songs, if you haven’t heard them its an interesting listen. They are recorded only slightly differently, just subtle changes to most of the songs.

Here are my drawings of Aaron Barret and the gang. I enjoyed their playing short samples of other songs within their set, including Sublime and the Offspring.  and playing “SR” in about 9 different styles, including hardcore punk, disco and country.

100_2817 100_2816 100_2819


The opening act was “Suburban Legends” who played Disney covers like” You’ve got a Friend in Me,” Ducktales Theme, “and “I just can’t WAIT to be king.”  Their horn players had mics attached to their horns, allowing them to dance around and do some wacky cheerleading. This group is really fun and full of infectious energy. suburbanlegends

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