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Squiggly Vaudeville Recap


We had many performances from local entertainers who volunteered their time to support two local establishments that help make Eugene special:  Tsunami Books for Network Charter School.

Eccentric clown John Roy read us some ee cummings and played some silly music.


Mary Leighton and Maya Rabasa are running for school board and told us some words to convince us their a good fit for the position.

Screen shot 2017-04-30 at 8.53.37 PM.pngRevka told us hilarious stories of awkward situations and called out their parents for helping make them so weird.DSC_1074

Jon Deline did magic, sang us a song and juggled! what a triple threat.


Student band “Feeble” played for us songs they have been practicing at school with their instructor Mara.


Ari and her Banjo is always a delight, such fast fingers.


Local Poet and rabble rouser Jorah Lefleur


Owzzla the OK and Stellar the Shaky are creative wacky clowns.DSC_0030.JPGDSC_0005.JPG


18142805_10211365143537947_1145972155_n.jpg Nicole danced for us, she teaches belly dance, dances at MEDGE events and is often in Trek Theater Productions.


I think Gabby Jesus is one of our funniest and most unique local voices. She told us about her problems dating.


The beautiful and exotic Souzana danced for us with her wings and her finger cymbalsDSC_0125.JPG18157665_10155490147953690_1853719634190074026_n18198652_10155490148228690_7602823161677442280_n18194570_10155490147633690_3793339723139333643_n

My next squiggly show will be may 27 at Vanilla Jills. There again we will have Owzzla the OK, Invincible Vince and Cienna Jade and special guests Eden Powell and Mike McGowan.


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Comedians at Bumbershoot

morgan kate.jpg

Of all the comics I saw at bumbershoot, Kate Berlant was my favorite. Her show was so utterly confusing and unique. She would threaten us that if we weren’t up for staying for the whole three hours we should just get up and leave right now! I also loved that she steals makeup as a radical feminist act.

Khadija Hassan was quite funny too! There were so many women and people of color at the shows, I really appreciated that.

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Jay Shingle and Jesse whitehead.

 Two comics who made me chuckle at a local comedy show, both are Oregon based. Jay shingle and Jesse whitehead. Jay is something different, punching comedy to the limits of performance art! Follow him @jayshinglefunny on Twitter!

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Stand up comedy at Forest Web in the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove

If you want to see a video  of me doing stand up comedy: check this out. I warn you it does have an Fbomb and a couple of naughty words about human sexuality, (cum, masturbate x2 and clit)  but thats quite common in a stand up comedy set, and just a part of the beauty of the human experience, right? But I can and usually perform this set for kids totally clean. I was just super excited about my drawings and wanted to show them off to the nice eco-friendly folks at Cottage Grove Forest Web.

I am available to do children’s parties and bar comedy gigs. I think I’ll soon do a house party show in Fairbanks, and I’m always looking for more gigs!

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W Kamau Bell and Zach Sherwin

100_3785 100_3786

W. Kamau Bell brought some political humor to the WOW hall. He also opened up to us and told us how defeating it was for his show to be canceled. He had a very Zen attitude and reminded us not to give bad reviews of restaurants, whenever we are eating out, we are living better than 99% of humans that lived before us! WE are rich enough to have fresh food prepared for us, so show some freakin’ appreciation and give a 5 star review even if it had a little hair in it.


The very funny Zach Sherwin opened. One of his claims to fame is an appearance in “Epic Rap battles of History,” playing Stephen King, Sherlock Holmes, and Egon Spengler,

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2 shows, Bend and Bleepin Funny

I have added two shows to my schedule

This Saturday, April 19

I am at the Second street Theatre in Bend

The price is 8 in advance and $10 at the door. I am opening for Jake Woodmanse!

Also Sam bonds garage (Eugene)  April 26 5pm Free and ALL AGES

Conor Armor, Cress Bates, Nicole Deluise, Melody Dodd, Terry Geil, Ashley Hope, Mike McGowen, Me, Sarah White, Cailin Wolff, and the Out of Our Minds Improv Troupe.




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The Room.

I did a guest spot on “Rhe Room.” My first comedy Podcast experience!

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