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Squiggly Vaudeville IV recap

July 21 we had a fourth edition of squiggly vaudeville with clowns, comedians, dancers, singers, a cellist and a baton twirler! Vanilla Jills is a perfect home for us, being all ages, outdoors, and having great food and beverages (including ice cream cocktails, or alcohol infused milkshakes). It may even be worth a drive)

I debuted a new clown act where I'm a square accountant who just wants to learn how to play bongos! ( but I'm a little scared of my bongos)

Mike Sevigny informed us which Pokemon moves he can and can't do.
The controversial and sarcastic emily doerr.Kailey mckay did baton twirling for us! (She said I could pick her music so I chose Perez Prado and Ursula 1000)

Owzzla had an enthusiastic volunteer!

It was very classy to have a classically trained cellist playing for us. I don't have photos of bijou Nix or ms muffit, but they both did two numbers. We had a blast, please join us next time, August 18. We will be joined by Jon deline, Trudy Bauchery, dame peaches Von killingsworth, and more!

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Earthquake Hurricane

This talented bunch of portland comics graced us with a hilarious show on valentines day. Marnie was a guest and Cailin Wolff hosted. Katie asked me to draw her tall (so she’s taller than Cailin) and Anthony asked me to make him a dragon. Learn more about them here.DSC_0411.JPGDSC_0409.JPGDSC_0410.JPGDSC_0406.JPG

Comedians at Bumbershoot

morgan kate.jpg

Of all the comics I saw at bumbershoot, Kate Berlant was my favorite. Her show was so utterly confusing and unique. She would threaten us that if we weren’t up for staying for the whole three hours we should just get up and leave right now! I also loved that she steals makeup as a radical feminist act.

Khadija Hassan was quite funny too! There were so many women and people of color at the shows, I really appreciated that.

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Squiggly vaudeville recap

Tunami Books in collaboration with me, Isaac Paris productions put on this show! Squiggle time! (maybe I was considering the name squiggles the clown because it sounds less dangerous than sketchy the clown, and I like tentacles.)  


 Jon Deline’s brave volunteers. 
 Ausla the ok is very enthusiastic!

  Invincible Vince amazed us!  
Ari and her banjo played us beautiful music!    
One of our clowns had her head turned 360 degrees! Child abuse, right?  

We had a great time! There will be future vaudeville shows in town! Next time I hope to have a belly dancer, an accordion a player, and do live art creation, drawing audience members! What else should we have? I’d love to find a contortionist, and a puppeteer or marionette artist.

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Trek theatre

There is a theatre troupe in Eugene who puts on episodes of Star Trek as stage plays! Read more about them here!

They asked me to open because I play theremin. So for four performances I did some sci fi poetry and played some music.

Here are my drawings of the cast.

I wasn’t able to draw everyone, some people had very little stage time.


If you are interested in the lyrics to my Star Trek rap, which I will perform this Friday at Nerdlesque at cowfish, here you go!
Mugatu had some wicked horns

the metrons made kirk fight the gorn

after they destroyed the outpost on cestus 3

lursa and btor had a cleavage party

the salt vampire was SCARY

Lazarus was CRAZY

The game made everyone lazy

in the time war fight the ZINDI

wesley crusher was a clever bloke

general changs ship could fire while it was cloaked!

gotta love soren and his crazy theories

arex and mress were only in the animated series

the writers were forbidden to have conflict among the crew

so lets think up some villains to give us something to do

like the apes with spears from taurus 2

romulans, ferengi and klingons too

whats a day at work without a fistfight or two?

the federation is against violence

our mission is peaceful, our goal exploration

we report to our superiors at the space station

we never strike first, not even checkov

but we have been known to kick some ass when someone ticks us off

bog queen had a chilling grace 

 species 8472 was from fluid space.

squire of gothos what a tool

your a spoiled little kid don’t try and play me for a fool

Janice Lester switched bodies with kirk

commander shran was a major jerk

q’s hungry for mischeif

he could eat anything among the stars

but he’s got crow on the menu if he messes with Picard 

look out for data’s evil brother

lava monster horta turned out to be a mother 

they first met the bog when q sent them out far

bastard armus killed Tasha Yar!

The crystalline entity consumes civilizations

omicron theta was a tasty little snack

it was destroyed by dr Marr

who wanted vengeance after an attack

For a peaceful mission, there sure were some epic fights

Repeat after me, there are four lights

If topless robot were still a thing, I’d submit this to impressive acts of nerdery!

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Jay Shingle and Jesse whitehead.

 Two comics who made me chuckle at a local comedy show, both are Oregon based. Jay shingle and Jesse whitehead. Jay is something different, punching comedy to the limits of performance art! Follow him @jayshinglefunny on Twitter!

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I went to two comedy shows in one day! Here are my drawings.

There was a graduation celebration for Leigh Anne Josheway’s comedy writing class. Jeff, Bernie, Susan and Bethany were all doing comedy for the first time!  Susan is an aerobics instructor and had us cracking up with her stories of her childhood.  Bethany claimed to be a “feminist flight attendant” who enjoys keeping people from accessing airline bathrooms with the beverage cart. The pepper haired man in the bottom right is Jeff Jaesch.

Then I went to the wayward lamb for “The Best F*cking Comedy Show Ever” with Alex Rios, Seth Milstein, George Baltzer, Caitlin Weierhouser and Beth Pinkerton.

George recently returned from New Zealand.

Beth tells erotic stories and claims to “love offensive humor.” She won Eugene’s best stand up comedian in 2015.

Caitlin is a total pro, full of silliness, rage and absurdity. She creates her own genre of performance art comedy. She is unique and ferocious.

Alex is Portland based. He’s not afraid to weird an audience out and make us laugh out of awkward embarrassment. His Twitter is @RiosHoneybear

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Hari Kondabulu

Hari shared his political humor with us at a lecture hall at the university of Oregon. He really hates politician Bobbie jindal! Much of his material is progressive, condemning racism and challenging the establishment. He would fit right in on The Daily Show. He did appear on Totally Biased with w. Kamau Bell. Check out his album, it’s free to listen to on Spotify. He recently recorded a new album if his 2015/2016 material with Kill Rock Stars! What an inspiration. He was friendly and willing to talk about stand up after the show. Hari is great, don’t miss a chance to see him live if he travels near you! 


Killy Dwyer at Tsunami books

Killy Dwyer is on tour and passed through Eugene after Portland and before California. Of course she asked me to open. I had a great time and performed my comics, ” you don’t need money to have fun” and had audience members draw on my white suit, and played ” the anthropic principle lullaby” and handed out clave and the audience jammed with me.

Killy did a great set and showed us much variety of moods. Looping her voice and singing unapologetically about cancer, death, orgasms and other topics that make audiences squirm! She plays accordion, guitar, a tiny Casio sk-1 and she improvised with stuffed animals and other objects she found in the bookstore.

 This is the flyer I made for the show.

 And of course, We got a few shots of the two of us on stage together.  Follow her on Twitter, on Patreon and wherever!

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