I went to two comedy shows in one day! Here are my drawings.

There was a graduation celebration for Leigh Anne Josheway’s comedy writing class. Jeff, Bernie, Susan and Bethany were all doing comedy for the first time!  Susan is an aerobics instructor and had us cracking up with her stories of her childhood.  Bethany claimed to be a “feminist flight attendant” who enjoys keeping people from accessing airline bathrooms with the beverage cart. The pepper haired man in the bottom right is Jeff Jaesch.

Then I went to the wayward lamb for “The Best F*cking Comedy Show Ever” with Alex Rios, Seth Milstein, George Baltzer, Caitlin Weierhouser and Beth Pinkerton.

George recently returned from New Zealand.

Beth tells erotic stories and claims to “love offensive humor.” She won Eugene’s best stand up comedian in 2015.

Caitlin is a total pro, full of silliness, rage and absurdity. She creates her own genre of performance art comedy. She is unique and ferocious.

Alex is Portland based. He’s not afraid to weird an audience out and make us laugh out of awkward embarrassment. His Twitter is @RiosHoneybear

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