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I went to two comedy shows in one day! Here are my drawings.

There was a graduation celebration for Leigh Anne Josheway’s comedy writing class. Jeff, Bernie, Susan and Bethany were all doing comedy for the first time!  Susan is an aerobics instructor and had us cracking up with her stories of her childhood.  Bethany claimed to be a “feminist flight attendant” who enjoys keeping people from accessing airline bathrooms with the beverage cart. The pepper haired man in the bottom right is Jeff Jaesch.

Then I went to the wayward lamb for “The Best F*cking Comedy Show Ever” with Alex Rios, Seth Milstein, George Baltzer, Caitlin Weierhouser and Beth Pinkerton.

George recently returned from New Zealand.

Beth tells erotic stories and claims to “love offensive humor.” She won Eugene’s best stand up comedian in 2015.

Caitlin is a total pro, full of silliness, rage and absurdity. She creates her own genre of performance art comedy. She is unique and ferocious.

Alex is Portland based. He’s not afraid to weird an audience out and make us laugh out of awkward embarrassment. His Twitter is @RiosHoneybear

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Comedians: Caitlin Weierhauser, Chase Brocket, Seth Milstein, Cienna Simmons, Mike McGowan, Michael Sevigny, Max Brockman

Caitlin told us charming stories. I enjoyed her show. She admitted to us that she was in fact, a Virgo.


Cienna is called, ” the wildcard” of Eugene comedy.


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Comedians, Mariah Bamford, Amy Miller, Brandy Posey, Tess Barker, Seth Milstein, Melody Gore Dodd, Max Brockman and more

Some old drawings, recently inked and colored. Just for fun.    

These two host a podcast called “lady to lady.” Listen to it here. Barbara Grey was not present at this show.

These are comedians from the ” bleepin funny” show at Sam bonds.

These are improv actors in Fairbanks, Alaska at summer fine arts festival. 

  These are performers at a portland open mic. The host was very rude and booted me off stage. She scared off some other performers who might have performed if she hadn’t been such a bitch. 😀 Jesse was very talented, I would like to hear him play in a band.

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Eugene and Portland Comedians

I have been attending open mics and comedy showcases here in Eugene. I went to the Bar of the Gods open mic a few times, hosted by Xander and Jen Tam.


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events here in Eugene have been hosted by Seth Milstein, Mike McGowan, Leigh Anne Jasheway and Nick Hough. Its a fun scene. I’m glad to be a part of it, its kind of a drag to hear everyone do the same material every week, but that will happen in any scene. I hope we can play, improvise, be willing to flop sometimes and do some creative things with the scene. I’ll challenge my fellow comics in some way, and report on the results. Stay tuned for more on this issue. I have some drawings I have made of comics in the scene. Yes, I drew Gina Ginsberg three times. She said “hey, why did you draw Mia all sexy and not me.”  I just draw what I see. I think Gina is beautiful, but in drawing her, I capture the “essence” that I see in front of me, and she judges those drawings to not be sexy.


I would say to the comics in my town: lets not be afraid to fail! There is no risk on stage, we have complete freedom, so lets flop and bomb sometimes. Please do new material, and even go up and don’t do anything you have planned- that will make us better. That will make it fun for us, so we can hear new material, so we can laugh at each other (because face it, most of the audience is… us) . We are free, so lets USE our freedom, instead of doing our same 7 or 5 minutes every time with small insignificant variations.



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