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Stand up comedy at Forest Web in the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove

If you want to see a video  of me doing stand up comedy: check this out. I warn you it does have an Fbomb and a couple of naughty words about human sexuality, (cum, masturbate x2 and clit)  but thats quite common in a stand up comedy set, and just a part of the beauty of the human experience, right? But I can and usually perform this set for kids totally clean. I was just super excited about my drawings and wanted to show them off to the nice eco-friendly folks at Cottage Grove Forest Web.

I am available to do children’s parties and bar comedy gigs. I think I’ll soon do a house party show in Fairbanks, and I’m always looking for more gigs!

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New Videos: Break my Glasses and Anthropic Principle

Here is a BRAND NEW video for you, though this bit is now over a year old, now it has A FREAKIN ‘MERMAID!!! Any act would be greatly improved by adding a mermaid. Maybe it was inspired by Jessica Delfino and comic-book artist Dame Darcy’s Naughty Nautical Nights burlesque show, which I caught at the Slipper Room. Anyway, this is my submission to the NY BURLESQUE fest 2010, maybe I won’t get in, but now its up for all of you to see and enjoy.

Here is a video of me playing at last years Trapper Creek Festival, 2009. It’s interesting because it features me with FULL MOSUTACHE. It’s the anthropic Principle Lullabye, thank you to who posted it. 🙂 I will be performing at 2010’s TCF. Maybe I will see you there, or maybe a month later in New York City.


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