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Bend Burlesque Co.

I made some drawings of the Bend Burlesqe Co. A full band with horns, four dancers, humor, and a charming host. 100_3903

Bend Burlesque1

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Hot mess burlesque at the rockin rodeo

Annual fundraiser for AYP: the Hot Mess! I did a stand up comedy set and I drew these lovely dancers. The photos are by Ronan guillou. You can judge how accurate my drawings are, and I’m grateful to him because I used them for reference.


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Historical Figures Burlesque






I attended a fun show at Countdown Studios! it was the annual Historical Figures burlesque show, Jorah Defleur hosted as the big bad wolf. There was also appearances by Charlie Chaplin, Princess Leia, Audrey Hepburn, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Jackie O.100_3213

Featuring Ophelia Woody as the Unabomber.


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Trudy Bauchery Variety show!

This weekend I got to catch Trudy Bauchery’s Variety show.

I love to draw at burlesque shows and dance performances.

I tried drawing in pen and then coloring with soft pastel. 

Trudy wore her Green Alien costume.Image

Ivana Mandalay  was an out of town guest.

Zora Phoenix brought her glam and glitter and a couple songs.

Julia was a cutie who was selling raffle tickets.

Bayou Bettie had fun Starwars and Adventure Time tattoos. 

Fleur de Sel was the one wearing the head dress animal mask!
Mike Mc Gowan did comedy,
 Babs Jamboree hosted the show.

Lippy Sue and Bruno


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New Videos: Break my Glasses and Anthropic Principle

Here is a BRAND NEW video for you, though this bit is now over a year old, now it has A FREAKIN ‘MERMAID!!! Any act would be greatly improved by adding a mermaid. Maybe it was inspired by Jessica Delfino and comic-book artist Dame Darcy’s Naughty Nautical Nights burlesque show, which I caught at the Slipper Room. Anyway, this is my submission to the NY BURLESQUE fest 2010, maybe I won’t get in, but now its up for all of you to see and enjoy.

Here is a video of me playing at last years Trapper Creek Festival, 2009. It’s interesting because it features me with FULL MOSUTACHE. It’s the anthropic Principle Lullabye, thank you to who posted it. 🙂 I will be performing at 2010’s TCF. Maybe I will see you there, or maybe a month later in New York City.


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A Geust in Cartooning Class, Angry Young and Poor, Lonely Hearts Burlesque

I recently was a guest in Jaime Smith’s Cartooning class, there are pics and descriptions here at his blog, which I am now adding to my links.

Reading "Homonculus" in Jaime Smith's Cartooning Class

Reading "Homonculus" in Jaime Smith's Cartooning Class


I will play at Angry Young and Poor June 11 in ester park. It has been many years, but I have played at every one so far, I won’t have Dan and Quinton with me, but I have something special planned.

I will be playing an old song that I very rarely play at Lonely Hearts Burlesque. It will have cartoon illustration accompaniment.

It opens Friday July 10. It also has my friends Anna Gagne Hawes, Rachel Blackwell, Christina, Mary Haley, Sarah, Melissa, Meagan, Jessica and Ramiro. I wrote 3 of the sketches: among my inspirations, the Marx Brothers, Harold Lloyd, Old Burlesque Sketches, A bit of Fry and Laurie, and Monty Python.

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