A Geust in Cartooning Class, Angry Young and Poor, Lonely Hearts Burlesque

I recently was a guest in Jaime Smith’s Cartooning class, there are pics and descriptions here at his blog, which I am now adding to my links.

Reading "Homonculus" in Jaime Smith's Cartooning Class

Reading "Homonculus" in Jaime Smith's Cartooning Class


I will play at Angry Young and Poor June 11 in ester park. It has been many years, but I have played at every one so far, I won’t have Dan and Quinton with me, but I have something special planned.

I will be playing an old song that I very rarely play at Lonely Hearts Burlesque. It will have cartoon illustration accompaniment.

It opens Friday July 10. It also has my friends Anna Gagne Hawes, Rachel Blackwell, Christina, Mary Haley, Sarah, Melissa, Meagan, Jessica and Ramiro. I wrote 3 of the sketches: among my inspirations, the Marx Brothers, Harold Lloyd, Old Burlesque Sketches, A bit of Fry and Laurie, and Monty Python.

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