workshop, No Shame, Oct 3 GALA

I am going to host a stand up comedy workshop. In order to make it less exclusive- i am also inviting all slam poets and monologists, performance artists and wierdos to my workshop. We can share our work eith each other, give comments and supply each other with a shoulder to cry on. This is to get ready fo…

NO SHAME theatre at THE EMPRESS downtown, sponsored by Fairbanks Shakespeare Theatre. it starts at 7, and costs 5 dollars… the flyers do not indicate if performers get in free but it has 3 rules- 5 minutes- nothing gets broken, and only original material… though I imagine that the nothing gets broken rule is the most flexible, they probably don’t want you to break their equipment, but if you bring your own thing and break it, I imagine that is ok. I am excited by the possiblities!

my workshop is OCTOBER 1st at the Green Room, I hope members of Groudn Squirrel can come, also my slam poetry friends… and we will see if my flyers bring anyone new??

Paper scissors concerts are coming up in october! OCT 9 at the marlin, 16 at the pub, 30 at the marlin.

Also… zendikar comes out soon, and I am applying for a grant for my book. exciting stuff.


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