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EUGENE WOW HALL Egotones, The Shivas

This delightful show, sponsored by Eugene Musicians Against Sexual Violence had psychedelic oil and water and ink and paint projections on the wall throughout the whole show provided by Mad Alchemy. To make these drawings, I inked, then penciled, then worked in images of oil and water shows in the background.

I also added some gentle layers of lime and onion prints from my work at Mecca. ( This was fun, notice the “shivasshivasshivas” written in the background. Then I took a layer and made it super dark, put that over the regular layer, then erased circle shaped holes around their heads. If I had been less than confidant with my drawing, I sure could distract from messy details (such as sloppy hands) with some of this psychedelic mess, huh?


The Shivas play classic surfy rock and roll. Some tracks sound like the Kinks, others like the Doors or the Velvets, they all sound catchy and awesome. There are so many classic tracks. I love to listen to them while I drive, and I sing them in my head all the time. “You know what to do,” “you make we wanna die,” “Thrill yr Idols,” “baby I need you,” and many catchy more songs.DSC_1013.JPG

My favorite is probably “big mama casio.” (the swirl of the bands name looks pretty cool with the swirl of the oil and ink behind it! You might have to look hard to see the onion prints!


Here is this illustration in a more traditional style. I had a fun time with detail in the shirts.



EGOTONES play fierce, tried and true surf rock with the occasional wurlitzer keyboard riff and funny samples from old movies much like Man… or Astroman? I will definitely be checking them out more. The above drawing is superimposed over an oil and watercolor photograph. This next one I started filling it in with marker.



Now here is the final piece with shading and full colors.

There were other great bands too! I really enjoyed “the blimp”  (riffs reminded me of Zappa) but I wasn’t able to draw them. Psycho Magic is a great band too!

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Kneedalus and Naytronix


I have been drawing many saxophones lately and they are very hard. What I usually do, is just pencil in a rough outline and then “cheat” looking at a photo at home for reference.  

This band was very good. Sounded like the Neville Brothers and Paul Simon sometimes. Check them out online.

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Built to Spill

Boise, Idaho’s most famous band shared their epic rock jams with us in Eugene at the Wow Hall.


Doug Martsch played “The Plan,” “Carry the Zero” and a few other old songs. His solos are long and weird but sound really cool! “Strange” and “You were Right” were unfortunately not on the set list, but it was great. 


I drew them several years ago in Austin Texas.

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Human Ottoman, Bustin Jeiber, and Jeff

Human Ottoman play weird beautiful ethereal math rock. They call it polyrhythmic world metal. They say they are influenced by Brazilian rhythms, Fela Kuri, Mr. Bungle and they sing in Spanish and English. Susan loves Dave King from the Bad Plus. Matt loves folk music including Bob Dylan. They were all U of O music students. 

 I would color them, but they are cool as black and white drawings too, no? Print them out, make your own coloring book!

St. Lucia, the goddess of percussion! 


Bustin Jieber call themselves a sister group to Human Ottoman, but they are much more free form, improvisational and  silly. Andy plays sax, alternating between cacophonous squonks and howls, and melodic John Coltrainesque splendor.


Dustin seems to be quite skilled on the Primus slap style, but there’s a healthy dose of Tom Waits and off kilter Zappa here too. They sing about nipples and gravy. It sounds silly, but it’s performed by virtuosos! Long live Jeiber! I’m a belieber! The bands also share a drummer, the marvelous master of rhythm Susan Lucia.

The bands combined at the end of the night to play some songs as “Jeff” including “Bonobo Greeting.” It was a thrill. members will be traveling to Peru and relocating to Portland, so I do not know the future of these talented, enigmatic collectives. Andy also plays with Eleven Eyes, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, and The Tim Mclaughlin Project, so catch him tootin sax somewhere!

SOOO many handsome musicians on one stage!

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These three mcs delivered a positive show with much crowd participation shouting along and waving hands in the air, bouncing and enthusiastic cheers.

Guests Lateef the truthspeaker and Vursatyl filled in with Gift of Gab and DJ Jumbo on the decks.

I didn’t color this picture, because I don’t think it’s as good. 


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Shilpa Ray and Man Man

Shilpa writes haunting songs and plays them on the harmonium. She was generous and said she liked my drawing though it looked “like the Caucasian version of me.” Oops, sorry.

image image image

Man Man plays haunting crazy atonal, arhythmic, dissonant music… Then sometimes they turn around 180 degrees and play pop music but with a gravelly voice like Tom Waits. Good live show if you like madness. Crazy band. The sound effects, Danny Elfman/Esquivelesque mallet instruments, trumpet and sax are a nice addition. They are never metal or distorted. What a busy multi-instrumentalist band, definitely an ensemble, couldn’t be the same without every one of those fellas. Some review compared them to Oingo Boingo, the muppets and Tom Waits. They are perhaps the weirdest band who can fill a large room. Are they continuing the traditions of Dada in the 2000s?

Thank you Adam, Bryan, Chris and Ryan… Oops, I mean Pow Pow, Honus, Brown Sugar and Shono.

this drawing is very different than most of my drawings, it was made at the corner of the stage. I was right behind the drummer and this was my perspective of the show- semi to scale and in proper perspective.

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Bunny Gang and Mad Caddies

An energetic and fun show!        an energetic and fun show!

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Good Co. And The High Step Society

Live electro swing at the Wow Hall.: two great bands


And Good Co. 


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Any Helm and the Handsome Strangers


This show was very fun. Sometimes, when I draw I use a marker and I work fast to capture the energy of the subject.

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W Kamau Bell and Zach Sherwin

100_3785 100_3786

W. Kamau Bell brought some political humor to the WOW hall. He also opened up to us and told us how defeating it was for his show to be canceled. He had a very Zen attitude and reminded us not to give bad reviews of restaurants, whenever we are eating out, we are living better than 99% of humans that lived before us! WE are rich enough to have fresh food prepared for us, so show some freakin’ appreciation and give a 5 star review even if it had a little hair in it.


The very funny Zach Sherwin opened. One of his claims to fame is an appearance in “Epic Rap battles of History,” playing Stephen King, Sherlock Holmes, and Egon Spengler,

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