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Shilpa Ray and Man Man

Shilpa writes haunting songs and plays them on the harmonium. She was generous and said she liked my drawing though it looked “like the Caucasian version of me.” Oops, sorry.

image image image

Man Man plays haunting crazy atonal, arhythmic, dissonant music… Then sometimes they turn around 180 degrees and play pop music but with a gravelly voice like Tom Waits. Good live show if you like madness. Crazy band. The sound effects, Danny Elfman/Esquivelesque mallet instruments, trumpet and sax are a nice addition. They are never metal or distorted. What a busy multi-instrumentalist band, definitely an ensemble, couldn’t be the same without every one of those fellas. Some review compared them to Oingo Boingo, the muppets and Tom Waits. They are perhaps the weirdest band who can fill a large room. Are they continuing the traditions of Dada in the 2000s?

Thank you Adam, Bryan, Chris and Ryan… Oops, I mean Pow Pow, Honus, Brown Sugar and Shono.

this drawing is very different than most of my drawings, it was made at the corner of the stage. I was right behind the drummer and this was my perspective of the show- semi to scale and in proper perspective.

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Man Man at the Hawthorne

Man Man at the Hawthorne

Crazy wild band. Saxaphone, ukulele and malletKat joined in with an energetic drummer and humorous disturbing lyrics.

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