Human Ottoman, Bustin Jeiber, and Jeff

Human Ottoman play weird beautiful ethereal math rock. They call it polyrhythmic world metal. They say they are influenced by Brazilian rhythms, Fela Kuri, Mr. Bungle and they sing in Spanish and English. Susan loves Dave King from the Bad Plus. Matt loves folk music including Bob Dylan. They were all U of O music students. 

 I would color them, but they are cool as black and white drawings too, no? Print them out, make your own coloring book!

St. Lucia, the goddess of percussion! 


Bustin Jieber call themselves a sister group to Human Ottoman, but they are much more free form, improvisational and  silly. Andy plays sax, alternating between cacophonous squonks and howls, and melodic John Coltrainesque splendor.


Dustin seems to be quite skilled on the Primus slap style, but there’s a healthy dose of Tom Waits and off kilter Zappa here too. They sing about nipples and gravy. It sounds silly, but it’s performed by virtuosos! Long live Jeiber! I’m a belieber! The bands also share a drummer, the marvelous master of rhythm Susan Lucia.

The bands combined at the end of the night to play some songs as “Jeff” including “Bonobo Greeting.” It was a thrill. members will be traveling to Peru and relocating to Portland, so I do not know the future of these talented, enigmatic collectives. Andy also plays with Eleven Eyes, The Cherry Poppin Daddies, and The Tim Mclaughlin Project, so catch him tootin sax somewhere!

SOOO many handsome musicians on one stage!

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