Asian celebration

When I was teaching art at Mecca, Sometimes I’d start the day by showing students drawings I made over the weekend, to model to them that artists should practice every day. I don’t have any students to share with anymore. 😦 May I share them with you dear reader?

Every Year in February Eugene has an Asian Celebration with dancers, music, vendors and art! Here are some of the drawings I made this year. 100_3751 100_3752

These are Belly Dancers who sometimes dance at MEDGE nights at Cozmic Pizza.

Here are some more of the dancers who shared their heritage and culture on the main stage.100_3750 100_3748 100_3745 100_3740 100_3736

A real highlight was this Koto music. She was joined by a Kalimba (or a Mbira?) and an accordion and piano100_3743 100_3746 100_3749

Here are a few more miscellaneous drawings, I didn’t finish coloring all of them. The Taiko drums are always exciting!100_3747 100_3742 100_3741 100_3737

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