Serena Rose and Brent Fiasco


I caught Red Raven Follies presentation of the Fiasco Sideshow. These two are so talented and wacky. They drop their props on the floor loudly and seemingly randomly. They tell dirty jokes, juggle dildos, throw knives, and generally just behave ridiculously for an hour. There is an unease in the room as it doesn’t feel like you are watching professionals, and you could certainly be a witness to someone getting hurt, but its always entertaining and hilarious. My favorite part was once where Serena said, “its story time” and put on absurd glasses, pulled out a book and read, “once there was a tortoise and a hare who had a race, the hare fell asleep and the tortoise won, the end! Phew, sorry to exhaust you all with such a long story!” It was certainly impressive when Serena held a fluorescent bulb and touched a high power tesla coil. The bulb lit up! Incredible!

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