Trio Subtronic

This wonderful band creates beautiful grooves. They are a trio, i just drew the bass player twice šŸ™‚ check them out hereĀ DSC_0412.JPGDSC_0404.JPG

Rascal Cabaret at cowfish


This delightful show had saxophone by roger, cello by Nisha Calkins Godfrey, burlesque by Dahlia Murder and belly dancing by Sara Seraphina!

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Osprey Flies the NestĀ 

This Eugene band plays charming folk rock with real touching lyrics about yoga, community, friendship and compassion! Some songs were just Osprey and their drum, others were a full band with guitar bass and keys. They aren’t sure about their name yet, so it might change. You can hear some of the songs here.

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EUGENE WOW HALL Psychedelic Ball: Egotones, The Shivas, Snow White

This delightful show, sponsored by Eugene Musicians Against Sexual Violence had psychedelic oil and water and ink and paint projections on the wall throughout the whole show provided by Mad Alchemy. To make these drawings, I inked, then penciled, then worked in images of oil and water shows. in the background.

I also added some gentle layers of lime and onion prints from my work at Mecca. ( This was fun, notice the “shivasshivasshivas” written in the background. Then I took a layer and made it super dark, put that over the regular layer, then erased circle shaped holes around their heads. If I had been less than confidant with my drawing, I sure could distract from messy details (such as sloppy hands) with some of this psychedelic mess, huh?


The Shivas play classic psychedelic surfy rock and roll. Some tracks sound like theĀ Kinks, others like the Doors or the Velvets, they all sound catchy and awesome. There are so many classic tracks. IĀ love to listen to them whileĀ I drive, and IĀ sing them in my head all the time. “You know what to do,” “you make we wanna die,” “Thrill yr Idols,”Ā “baby I need you,” and many catchy more songs.

My favorite is probably “big mama casio.” (the swirl of the bands name looks pretty cool with the swirl of the oil and ink behind it! You might have to look hard to see the onion prints!


Here is this illustration in a more traditional style. I had a fun time with detail in the shirts.



EGOTONES play fierce, tried and true surf rock with the occasional wurlitzer keyboard riff and funny samples from old movies much like Man… or Astroman? I will definitely be checking them out more.snowwhite1

Snow White play dark surfy trip hop in the lines of Phantogram. Ā Don’t they look like creepy ghosts in a cell world? Weeeeeeee.Ā The keyboard player played long droning organ tones while the drum machine pounded away with LOTS of reverb and the guitarist chugged.



There were other great bands too! I really enjoyed “the blimp” Ā (riffs reminded me of Zappa) but IĀ wasn’t able to draw them. Psycho Magic is a great band too!

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Jeffrey Lewis and Los bolts

Jeffrey played for us and shared his comics the day before thanksgiving at the wandering goat. It was a wonderful show. Mem and Brent were a very tight band, providing perfect back up vocals and patiently waiting for their turn to play even if Jeff sometimes does long poems and comic presentations that don’t involve them. Sometimes Jeff is doing a Leonard cohen/shel Silverstein/Woody Guthrie for the current generation (with a hearty dose of humor and existential dread) and sometimes it’s a complete freak out with a jammy wild improvisational style. Jeffrey Alexis is a national treasure. AND he makes comics too. Wow.

Here is a more expiramental version of a drawing…. and here are some kaleidoscopes I made with pixelmator. Now, I’m sure someday I’ll look back on this as a silly waste of time but by gosh I think they are fun now.

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This band rocks hard, great drummer, great compositions. Post rock in the veins of Euphone,  Transam. A little bit of thrash and dub tossed in, reminded me of 4 out of 5 doctors all grown up. Made me want to listen to Karate and Dub Trio again.