A silly idea I had with my clown friend was a subscription based sad clown painting service. Here are some sad clowns I drew for this absurd project.

The Flaming Lips

This band does not disappoint! Their stage show is a smorgasbord of glitter, confetti, balloons and excess! Their music is fun and glimmering too, with a touching message of love and fun!

Here are some kaleidoscopes

Here are some photos I took at the show

We splurged and got the VIP tickets so we got to meet them and get a photo. I told Wayne once I played in a cover band that covered Yoshimi part 1 and 2, “with all your power,” “the yeah yeah yeah song,” and “bad days.” He was impressed that I’d made the drawing so fast and told me everyone’s names and said I really captured Derek.

They had the biggest disco ball imaginable.

Totally washed out in the stage lights, but I took pictures for my reference.

The squirrel nut zippers

Classic 90s swing band the Squirrel Nut Zippers are on your again with suite cella blue from the White Ghost Shivers and Dr. Sick from the Asylum Street Spankers! The show was fantastic and they played many classics. They have a new album out, their first in 18 years!

Honkfest Eugene

I made some large horn signs for HONKFEST, a free outdoor festival here in Eugene that celebrates brass bands! Brazilian music, marching bands, klezmer, and more! Bands tour from Seattle and beyond! What a fun party!

Neon Brass Party \\ Seattle

Humboldt Bandemonium \\ Humboldt County

Beat Crunchers \\ Eugene

Samba Ja \\ Eugene

Kef \\ Eugene

One More Time Marching Band\\ Eugene

The Friendly Space Goblins \\ Corvallis

Unpresidented Brass Band\\ Eugene & PDX

Hearticorn Brass Band \\ Eugene

Pakava It \\ Moscow

Draw a Drag Queen

Tropical contemporary is a queer post modern art collective here in Eugene, Or that hosts events and curates galleries. I got to attend an event called “draw a drag queen.” Here are some of my drawings.

Here are some of the photos taken at the event.

Thank you Tropical Contemporary and Genuine Farce, Dandy Farce, Diana Rott and Ellen Degenerate. You can follow Tropical Contemporary on all the social media and see their website here.

Also, see what others have done with the hashtag: #drawadragqueen. These photos are not by me.

Vaudeville night at Vanilla Jill’s

A fun time was had by all at Vanilla Jill’s ice cream shop and cafe. Sketchy the clown hosted and we had dance from Dark Lightly and Rainbow Dash, Izmagnus and Tryx, Jennifer Bucholtz and Heidi, Magic by Invincible Vince, Juggling by Artemis Sharpe, and comedy by Gabby Jesus, Lacie Wallace and James Wood. We were even visited by a baby possum!

James named the possum “waffles” and tried to get him to come onstage. (This photo is by Lacie Wallace)

The next vaudeville show is July 27! Performers to be announced.

Sol Seed

This energetic reggae rock band runs a tight ship with many tempo changes and a smooth sound.

Check them out here.