Man… Or Astro Man?

I got to see MAN OR ASTROMAN play at the Mercury Lounge!


Their show was very fun and loud! Wild Electro Surf Rock!100_2307

Coco’s bass had a ipad stuck onto it where he could trigger samples.100_2306  man or astroman

Coco played the theremin and had Avona Nova playing guitar (and bass on a few songs). Starcrunch sang unintelligibly on a few songs and Birdstuff put his head through a drum, wearing a tom as if it were a space helmet. At the end of the show he assembled his drums as a tower in the center of the stage and all the guitars and pedals were left on producing screeching feedback while letters flashed on the screen “massive system failure, manual override required for system reboot.”

This band came to Fairbanks in 1999 and I didn’t get a chance to see them because I had to leave town for the Academic Decathlon. Please, come back! Amazing musicianship, and showmanship. I waited outside for hours because the show was sold out but I got in with a combination of charm and luck.

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