Slaughter Daughters, Gary Sloan and the Valley River Boys

Slaughter Daughters played a slew of shows in Fairbanks. Cece, Ari, and Sterling play FAST bluegrass, rockabilly style, the banjo is not twangy, just sharp and high pitch, and it is all so fast. Their hands are blurs and the sound is awesome.

They commented “its so nice to play for children, because they don’t judge” They played the marlin thursday with Sofa Kings,s Ferguson Field stage Friday, at a house party with circle the sun that night, then the golden Eagle ON Saturday and back at the fair at the Beer Tent with Corrine Rose on Sunday.

We have to thank Nathan Harris of Sofa Kings/Avery Wolves for letting us borrow his stand up bass. That gave Sterling something to play.






Gary Sloan  lives in Kansas now, but played blues in Alaska in the 60s and helped bring up Charlie Musslewhite and John Lee Hooker. He even opened for Jefferson Starship back in the day. He and his buddies put on a fantastic show. It was truly original psychedelic blues



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