Mood Area 52

Mood Area 52 is a Eugene based band that experiment with many different genres. They play indie pop sure, but they also play some Tom Waits like dirges, Tangos, traditional Russian Music and just for good measure a spot on Country song or two. I thought they were wonderful.


They are playing many shows in October including Halloween and All Hallows Eve eve (oct 30, 31) at Portland’s Mission Theater with their live soundtracks to F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu and Buster Keaton’s The Boat. I can hardly wait!

check out their full schedule here


I apologize to Amy for not getting her face right, but wow, i sure did a great job on that hand (Billy’s, directly above).

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One thought on “Mood Area 52

  1. Greg Gustafson says:

    Very cool site Isaac! Your drawings have energy and a whimsical, spontaneous quality, your notes are fresh and entertaining, as one would expect from an improv master!

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