Clucking Blossom: Harm, Barcelona Boys Choir, Dangerlot and more!

Clucking Blossom X was held in June in Fairbanks at the Dog Mushers hall. Here are a few photos of me playing taken by my dad, Todd Paris.

11392926_10206994598612117_4293243699531437825_n 11393176_10206994598492114_4536817591044979516_n11406965_10206994601732195_6221592987906526391_n1939644_10206994586331810_2640545577040236729_n11415020_916228294632_805741487_o

This last one is taken by my pal Nick Meurlott with a wide angle lens!

See the pretty stage? I helped Elliot and Mike put it together and used a screw gun to attach the fake flowers to the front. Thank you Kendra, Jody, Jack, Elliot, Matt and Donald for putting it together! If you have more photos I could share here, let me have them please! Here are some more photos of drawings I made.


Milk and the Honeys played as a three piece.

imageimage Laila O’Sullivan rocked a solo set with her piano. 

 image11422158_916228379462_1831151265_o(this photo by Nick Meurlott) Chris from the Scurvies played a few solo songs.


Toasty Tristan and the Crispy Mother F$&$^@ played a silly, funny set. I’m so sad they can’t play the fair!



Barcelona Boys Choir contain’s zero boys from barcelona, they play energetic country rock and roll and have a trombone! I love the bands “Naked Men” and “Not Enough Flannel” and this seems to be the bearers of the torch


Dangerlot is a fun new band that plays positive happy punk music. Nick is so talented and wacky, I love his energy on stage. He said, “there’s a totally legal and safe way to get your friend high, you just put them on your shoulders!” Here is a link to his blog.

100_3862100_3861    Harm played a beautiful set. If you haven’t caught them yet… uh, go see them sometime.

11377385_981576011877096_6322785253262315147_nThis photo is not by me, its by megatronmchugh. I should note that the band harm was missing two of its key members, and Hannah (from Bacuntry Bruthers) was subbing in for bass.


This band didn’t play at clucking blossom, its just a bonus! I happened to ink and color this like 6 months after they played.

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