Weird Al Yankovic in Bend

 I got to hear childhood hero Weird Al Yankovic play his “Mandatory Fun” tour at the amphitheater in Bend. In between the songs, he showed wacky video clips of all the times he has guest starred or been mentioned in television shows. Most hilarious was his interview with Celine Dion, Eminem, and his pseudo performance with J.K. Simmons from the film “Whiplash.” He played many crowd favorites and showed off a variety of wacky costumes. The crowed really went wild for “foil” and broke out some aluminum foil to pass around and make hats out of. 
Something I really appreciate about Al’s sense of humor is his penchance for silliness. He isn’t afraid to make a joke out of a “non joke” or a nothing… Just a look, a pause, an awkward waiting can be a joke at a weird al show. I’m so glad I caught him before he retired or went into a “serious phase.” Oh, and he played “Yoda.” Thank god. 


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