Great Alaskan Laser Tag Company

A friend reached out to me on Facebook and asked if I could email her a track I recorded way back in the day called “William H Macy.” It was a silly song, but some sort of a hit, and parts of it have been recycled into a performance piece I do today. Here is my 2006 album “Great Alaskan Laser Tag Company.” it has many songs on keyboard and many songs recorded by my friend and mentor Lester Smiley (the Moon Knights). I remember Planar Chaos  was coming out soon when we recorded it… sigh. I remember that his bunny would rub his scent glands on me in between recording tracks. Here you can find such hot tracks as “the anthropic principle lullabye” and “annabelle” as well as some awkward clunkers like “lies” and some that weren’t recorded very well. I also have two covers on this album, both songs recorded by Frank Sinatra and that appeared on the Muppets show “Slow boat to china” and “I Wont Dance.” William H Macy is a Bonus track not on the list below.


Screen shot 2016-08-25 at 6.04.30 PM

I’m sorry, I dont have any video of me playing a song on this album, but here I am playing with The Bacuntry Bruthers, Bernie Bousa and Rebecca Menzia back in 2008.


Oh what am I talking about, here I am playing with Nessa on drums at the Marlin!


And here is one called “Leave Me Alone.” I didn’t put this song on an album. Not sure why… I do remember I played it in New York City at the Sidewalk Cafe. They didn’t like me.

And finally, performing “every time a credit card is maxed out…”


I don’t really expect you to listen to these old songs, but hey, if you do and if they put a smile on your face, maybe you could donate. The songs are pay what you want!


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