Termination Dust

Termination Dust play honest rock and roll pop songs. I am reminded of so many of my favorite bands, a bit of the raw human emotion but sparse simplicity of The White Stripes and The Moldy Peaches. My favorite songs are “Funeral Bells” and “Haunting Bells.”

Stephanie and Jaybird’s voices circle around each other while Jacob and Chubbz pound away at the bass and the drums.



Termination Dust

“Familiar Eyes”

released May 20, 2016

Recorded by Chad Reynvaan at Wattage Studios

Proximity describes a relationship that’s lost its fun and drags on. “This isn’t love its just proximity.” I would like more syntheziers in the mix but there are shining omnichords on  “Funeral Bells” and “Proximity.” The creepy echoed vocals and driving rhythm on Summit Lake recall songs by Ladytron or the Gran Turismo record from the Cardigans. Many songs are about the existential angst of being a young adult in the modern wasteland, kind of an alternate soundtrack to Dan Clowes’ “Ghostworld.” My review may sound gloomy, but really this album is a charm and hits a wide number of emotional places and moods. 9/10

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