Mecca’s Object Afterlife at OSLP

OSLP in Eugene Oregon, ( more at or ) organize programs adults with disabilities and the general public, they have a gallery and work space at

309 W. 4th Ave, Suite 100
Eugene, OR 97401

They currently have an art show up of art from recycled materials. Each artist had a challenge to make a piece using some trash temporarily rescued from the landfill by Mecca. I am always so excited when new work reminds me of the aesthetic and spirit of Dadaism. Here are some photos of me and my partner visiting the gallery. We dressed up because my partner was recently crowned “Slug Queen” in Eugene and the art show asked them to judge a favorite piece. They chose the spaceship made out of recycled plastic. (the first piece here.) I highly recommend you check it out in person and see how detailed and creative these works are in person! Support local artists! #recycledmaterials #dada #dadaism #mixedmedia #collage

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