“The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury

Perhaps the first appearance of a “holodeck” or “danger room” in a work of science fiction, Ray Bradbury wrote “The Veldt” in 1950, it originally appeared as “The World the Children Made” in the September 23, 1950 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. He included it in his book: “the illustrated man.” I got to see it once as a stage play at the University Of Alaska Fairbanks Theater Dept. I’ve always loved this story, and with the help of some talented friends, I put it together based on the episode of “x Minus 1” #holodeck #dangerroom #thenursery #scifiradio #raybradbury #greatestsciencefictionwriter

Featured in the cast:

Jonathan Miller as George

Ariel Hicks as Lydia

Nicholas Price as Dr. David McLean

Narrated by Andrew J Laniohan. 

Eli May Salerno as Peter

Cora Paris Hanson as Wendy 

Sound effects and music by Isaac Paris

Some sounds came from YouTube, or I made them. Others from freesound.org or the Apple GarageBand library. Song at the end “Pauline” by Isaac Paris.


There were a few different versions, some of which imply the parents really do DIE. I referenced the original, mostly stuck to the x minus one episode, but I did edit a few lines, and allowed my actors to improvise a little.

If you’d like to read it, its FREE online here Do you think the story is stronger if the parents actually are eaten by holographic lions?

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