New Video: Queer Coded Villains!

Do you recognize Christopher Lee? I finished this book so I could read it at Oregon Country Fair in 2022. I was really scrambling to get this done, literally working on it in between classes, rushing over to draw and color as soon as my students would leave for lunch. It was fun to share the stage with poets at Chez Rays stage at OCF and so touching to hear their words. Grace, Sage, Marcus, and Jorah are inspiring. Here I am doing comedy at Spectrum in between drag queens for Drag Brunch! It’s always fun performing there. One sweet mother and daughter team wanted to give me a tip!

This piece was LONG in the works, and if you’ve followed me you’ll recognize it was a song on my album Pareidolia!

Eventually I may get around to making music videos (books) for other songs from that album too! what should I do next?

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