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Route 14 band

I’ll be posting some drawings I made at SXSW 2013. I found an old notebook and really liked some of the drawings, so I started inking them and coloring them. If this turns my followers on to new, exciting bands: fantastic.
This is Chihiro Yamazaki and Route 14. I’m excited by young bands playing fusion and bringing jazz elements to rock clubs.

I found an interview with them here. I thought this response was cute.
Chihiro: The reaction of the audience abroad is very straightforward and direct, and we are always able to catch their expressions. It is really different from Japan. In the US, the audience would say like, “Wow, that’s cool!” and get hyper right on the spot, or dance when they feel like dancing. It’s a lot of fun! We get a lot of energy from them.
Satoshi: I am a drummer, so I am always watching calmly at the back and able to catch expressions from the audience when they really liked our song or when we didn’t play well. Also, sometimes the audience reacts differently even to the same song. The audience from a region that has cold weather reacts calmly while the audience from a hot region heats up really quickly…this is our biggest observation during this tour.

Hey, they should come visit Alaska and see how quickly we react and “get hyper.”

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