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Tango alpha tango and Pancho + the Factory

A hot mess of a band in every possible way. The Elvis like vocals, sexually charged lyrics and full lush sound (with three back up singers) make this a genuine and passionate party band.

This drawing is less cartoony and in the “rotoscope” style. With moody lighting!

This is one of the greatest living garage rock bands. Their heavy bluesy rock hits the spot every time. Listen here. Nathan trueb and co bring it every time.

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Summer Twins, Pancho +the Factory, VCR

 The Summer Twins play beautiful dream pop. They remind me of Tennis, Shannon and the Clams, She and Him, the Shivas, and the Beach Boys. They were such a tight band, with dynamics and beautiful harmonies! Chelsea can solo impressively, and the whole band plays as a cohesive ensemble.  
VCR play fuzzy power pop, very fun and some amusing stage antics and between song banter. You can tell they really love what they are doing.

Pancho + the Factory were a super enthusiastic party band! Four vocalists! Needs keyboards though. I drew this in pen and I wasn’t happy with the drawing of Jen so I drew her over again. Abbie said, “aw, look how pretty I am!” They dressed up in wild costumes and put on a real fun show. There was a fifties Elvis/rockabilly style to Pancho’s vocals, and a disco vibe to their costumes. Everybody oozed sexuality and the music was pleasantly minimalist, room to breathe. I dug it.


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