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Body painting and portraits at BURNING MAN

I am so grateful I was able to attend one of the largest, and certainly the weirdest festivals in the world. I carried around my art supplies and made some drawings of the friends I made.

One day I painted peoples bodies with stencils and an airbrush gun. It was so fun and I let many interesting people.

This is the festival to go to to see art in the desert and dozens of outrageous art cars and ride your bike alongside thousands of others flashing LED lights. I hear there is a lot of drug use at this festival but I abstained and still had a wonderful time.

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Save Kesey Square

At a street fair in Kesey Square in downtown Eugene (that charged nothing to vendors), I drew portraits and performerd comics and banjo. The event was not a fundraiser, just a free fair for everyone to enjoy Kesey square in downtown Eugene, a public space that will sadly soon become another overpriced apartment complex because people with money want more of it.



I drew these portraits and more. I hoped to do art lessons for children but there were no children. 

I could draw people at your event! 

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Portraits at Trapper Creek


In addition to drawing bands, I also drew some portraits of audience members. I chose people who were dressed interestingly or served me coffee. One person suggested I draw a self portrait, so I did.


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