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Street Art in Rio De Janeiro

The streets of Rio are filled with colorful art. Some recall comics style, others show an influence of Japanese Anime. There is so much Variety and character to these, much more than just graffiti, but murals, tributes, and city beautification.

Even candy is presented in an artistic way. These look like mosaics!

These colorful paintings decorate the beach at Ipanema.

These were decorating the walls in Leblon.


These hip skater pictures of Frida Kahlo were on the street in Porto Seguro. I noticed that Frida is a bit of a folk hero here.

Images we might consider “racist caricatures” were popular in tourist shops here.

These images decorate hotels and airports. You can see a romanticization of Native Brazilians and African people.

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Beach drawing at night

I took a walk east from my rental and saw a spot wher people were watching the waves crash on the rocks. Some were fishing with gigantic poles, some were drinking beer. I drew the spot from the beach, then walked there and drew the view from there.

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´╗┐View from the beach in Rio de Janeiro.

Can you see the little lifts? This is sugar loaf mountain in Rio. It was cloudy today.What a beauftiful place. I’m here in winter (June) so the beach is almost empty. But as soon as I approached it, I heard surf music in my head. Everything is like a surf music album cover photo. It’s so gorgeous here!

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