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R and R Reggae, Saucy Yoda, Termination Dust at Trapper Creek Music and Arts festival 2015.

 These gentlemen played authentic reggae and were SOOO excited about my drawings. They just laughed and laughed and were thrilled. They played some cool covers and mixed in just enough originals. I especially liked Lorde’s “Royals” as a reggae with three piece harmonies. And what a blast from the pat to hear Sugar Ray’s ” fly.”

 “Nobodies Gal” was a solo banjo player who kept apologizing that her songs were so dark. I enjoyed it though.

This note on the left, while I was drawing, was said by somebody about my portraits. I thought it was cute and mused it could be a future album title.

 Jay bird and Steffi from Pretty Birds have a new dream pop project called ” Termination Dust.” It also has Jacob from Duchess.  Fun show. You can hear their music here. It wouldn’t be trapper creek without some madness from Saucy Yoda. she played a short set with dancers on stage with her and a live drummer playing along to her backing tracks. Of course ” wanton” ” I just want to party every day” and other classics got the crowd excited. 

  The Stumblebums played again, ( their third time here) and I didn’t bother to draw as It was so late and so dark. They played a new free jazzesque song in tribute to a dog who has passed away. All the lyrics were ” woof woof,” but delivered in a wide variety of inflections.”

 Here’s a few more photos of this crazy party, the closest Alaska has to a burning man.


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