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Rufus Wainwright (with Lucy Wainwright Roche)

Rufus Wainwright, cracking wise! at the Shedd

Rufus Wainwright, cracking wise! at the Shedd


I got to see Martha Wainwright once years ago at South by South West. I think my mom is going to see Rufus tomorrow, and my brother got to see him play in Japan. Sorry to rub it in, dear reader. His control over his voice is fantastic, and his melodies, humor and wit are sublime. Then there is the piano skills to consider. ¬†There is a heavy dose of Russian and French classical music in his style. He played guitar on a few songs, and they were fun, poppy numbers like “You Will Believe in Love.”

Looks like he’s got some gray hairs in his beard! He’ll be such a handsome old man. ¬†Well, you didn’t tune in for my commentary. Who should I draw next?

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