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Utushi-e Puppets.

At Mecca here in Eugene, we have kid’s art workshop on Saturdays. Today we made these puppets. The trick to them is to have a character on two distinct poses. The puppets are double sided. Traditionally, the performers dress in black and have black gloves covering their skin. The character can flip and change its pose. This is the simplest form of animation: two frames! Dynamic!

The dowel or Popsicle stick is painted black and glued between two pieces of black matte board. 

This young artist made a pumpkin character with glasses.  

This young man made a colorful bird with teeth!  

Here I am with a little troll and a skeleton.
It’s Jacqueline Black the witch! (She’s friends with Janice the Jester and Nate the Knight) 


I eecially like the gag of a cute ghost who becomes fat by eating too much candy and the pop tart who is concerned that he is missing his corner.


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